About cases Bob Minton settled

Because I refused to cooperate with Scientology my punishment was “disconnection” and “fair game” as practiced in Scientology. With the exception of the Wollersheim case, Bob and Scientology made sure that I was not paid for any of the work I’d done in the cases they were able to settle. Even though I stood with Ken Dandar till the end on the Lisa McPherson case, I was not paid a dime for my work. It was the same in the Dennis Erlich case; I never even got a call thanking me for helping. The Scientology plan was to starve me and my family and cause us to lose everything we had. Their plans worked for the most part. http://princejesse53.blogspot.com/2011/04/finale-here-it-is-for-you-now.html

Dear Jesse:

I’m hoping you’ll provide some details about the matters you’ve raised here.

What cases were Bob and Scientology able to settle?

They didn’t settle McPherson, Wollersheim, or Erlich. They did settle Armstrong VII, but you could not have worked on that case surely. I asked you for help in that case, but, as I mentioned, you wouldn’t. Bob and the LMT settled out of that case in, I believe, 2003, and I have no details about what the conditions of the settlement were. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/writings/ars/ars-2003-07-24.html

I have no doubt that Bob was pressured mightily by a number of people to turn on me, but I have seen no evidence that that happened. It’s possible the Scientologists have a stack of documents they got Bob to sign that they’re waiting to dump on me and the world when it suits them, but so far I have to be grateful to Bob for not totally giving in as the people who hate us wanted.

Scientology didn’t file Armstrong VII until April 2, 2002, which was after Bob and Stacy were, essentially, not working with you on Scientology cases.

The Haney case was also not settled by Bob and Scientology. So I’m wondering what were the cases they were able to settle that you worked on?

It seems to me that Bob couldn’t be responsible for you not being paid in the McPherson case, and actually Scientology couldn’t either. This settlement, of course, was in 2004, two years after Bob’s withdrawal from any involvement in the case. The people responsible for paying you or not would be the Estate representative and attorneys for the Estate at the time of the settlement. According to this SP Times article, “it was Lirot, Dandar and his brother, and McPherson’s aunt, Dell Liebreich.” http://www.sptimes.com/2004/05/29/Tampabay/Scientologists_settle.shtml

Regarding Dennis not calling you and thanking you for helping in his case, the same happened with me. But he settled with Scientology in 1999, three years before Bob’s agreements with Scientology. I think I recall too that Bob was not happy with Dennis settling as he did, and not acknowledging people like yourself, because Dennis had apparently stated that he would never be silenced or some such thing, and then became silent. But I can’t see how Bob made sure you weren’t paid in the Erlich case.

If Dennis, Dandar, Dandar, Dell, Lirot and Haney didn’t pay you for work they should have paid you for, they certainly helped Scientology, which I have no doubt would have loved to see you ruined and starving. I just don’t think it’s right to view Bob as responsible for these people not paying you in cases in which he had zero control.