Affidavit of Lavenda (Van Schaick) Dukoff


  1. The signature of the person who notarized Ms. Dukoff’s affidavit appears to be “B A Asay” of Largo, Florida.

    Largo is in Pinellas Country, across Tampa Bay from Hillsborough County, where Ms. Dukoff lived, and where the affidavit was apparently signed.

    A Brian Asay attended a number of the sessions of the omnibus hearing in McPherson v. Scientology in May 2002, but I have not made a conclusive connection between the notary and the person who attended the hearing.

    Note that this affidavit begins with text that is almost identical to the text in her affidavit that the cult’s CLameleon Op has on its site.

    They are two different affidavits, however, executed the same day. It is a usual pattern for Scientology to obtain multiple declarations or affidavits executed the same day from people the cult has turned; e.g., Vicki and Rick Aznaran, Paulette Cooper, and here LaVenda Van Schaick.

    The CLameleon Op’s comment about me on its LaVenda affidavit page is riddled with typical Miscavige cult lies. Miscavige, of course, is behind the Van Schaick betrayal and lies, and also behind the CLameleon Op site. The Op’s claim that the site is not approved or sanctioned by any Scientology cult organization is a necessary lie because it’s the cult’s own covert intelligence op.