Another nice note from Salekhard

Krasny Sever (Red North), November 26, 2017, writer Natalia Rybiakova answered my letter to the editor. Google translation follows.

Krasny Sever


Gerry Armstrong from Canada responded to an article in “KS” about sects
11/26/2012 9:15:00 PM


Promising a successful life, the Scientologists manipulate the human consciousness, break the will, destroy the personality and turn a person into a helpless slave.

Having seen the text in English in my e-mail, I almost removed it, taking it as spam. But then I noticed the signature and realized that the letter was really addressed to me.

On the amazing fate of this man, I learned at an international conference in Salekhard, where they discussed how to confront dangerous cults. Gerry Armstrong said that for many years he was Scientology and even was the right hand of its founder, Ron Hubbard. Having access to secret documents, he learned that sectarians are deceiving people, and fled. Now he is being persecuted all over the world …

I was hooked on his phrase that Scientologists are everywhere and, perhaps, even in the hall where the conference is held. About what I found out, after studying the topic, it is written in “Have you gathered for training? Make sure it’s not a sect! “Gerry Armstrong read this article on our website while in Canada.

“Thank you for the article, which mentions my conversation in Salekhard. I posted the full text in English, “he writes in his letter. “I’m especially grateful to you for being somewhat” immersed in Scientology “in order to find out what I was talking about. The fact that a person looked at the problem differently as a result of my words, and then publicly expressed himself with his own judgments, is an excellent outcome of the conference. ”

Armstrong thanks the authorities of Yamal for the invitation and warm welcome in Salekhard. He writes that he often remembers the wonderful hotel “Yuribey”, a trip to the places of interest of the district capital, memorable Yamal souvenirs. He also notes the skill of the Yamal translators.

“I also know that the attack of Scientologists on the conference is that it allegedly was financed from the state budget, at the expense of taxpayers. They mean that I was paid for attending the conference. I can assure everyone that I did not receive a fee, I was not paid for what I said or did in your great country.

  “Your efforts for a deeper understanding of Scientology and public discussion made the conference very valuable. Many people, even the governor Kobylkin, spent their time organizing it. I am also grateful for the trust and friendship of Archbishop Nicholas and representatives of all the clergy who contributed to the work of the conference. This will help to confront many dangerous cults.

  “It was an honor for me to be invited to the Yamal land to talk about my experience and knowledge, and I will long remember the attention shown.

Gerry Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada »

Natalia Rybiakova
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