Armstrong Media Statement


On March 23 Marin County California Superior Court Judge Lynn Duryee will hear an astonishing motion for summary judgment that the Scientology organization has filed against me.


If Judge Duryee grants the motion, she will deny me a trial, award Scientology $10,050,000.00 without it having to prove a penny in damages, and give the cult a big boost to its anti-human rights campaign.

Scientology has spent decades and millions of dollars portraying itself as a champion of human rights, and has even conned or corrupted U.S. Government officials into supporting its “human rights” angle. The ongoing Scientology v. Armstrong case, however, proves beyond any doubt that the cult is a flagrant human rights destroyer, and consequently a societal danger, and indeed a willful pariah.

While pumping millions into manufacturing an image as human rights defender, Scientology has also spent millions over the past two decades to obliterate my human rights, and has even got a number of judges to abet its campaign in violation of U.S. Federal civil rights statutes. Thus Scientology’s deceitful campaign to position itself as a global human rights promoting “religion” is on a collision course with the cult’s real and unabashed campaign to crush me and annihilate my basic human rights.

What do I know or say that is so valuable, or so terrifying to Scientology’s leadership, that not only would the cult pay millions to silence me but would jeopardize the huge investment it has made to buy itself a pro-human rights reputation?

Perhaps some reporter will have the temerity to call up David Miscavige, who runs the organization and its litigation machine, and ask him.Perhaps a reporter will ask Miscavige too how he can square Scientology’s claim to being a champion of human rights, and even maintaining a “human rights” office in Brussels, with his cult’s effort to eradicate Gerry Armstrong’s human rights.

The Marin case and rest of the multitude of Scientology’s attacks on me over the past twenty-two years are in furtherance of the organization?s odious, and demonstrably criminal, “Suppressive Person Doctrine.”

Last month I filed a Complaint Report with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division detailing Scientology’s violations of civil rights laws specifically 18 U.S. Code Sec. 241 and 242.

I hope that news organizations make the effort to understand the Armstrong case, and how Scientology is using the U.S. justice system to destroy the human rights of good people that the cult targets as “Suppressive Persons.” Whether Scientology wins the Marin County case against me or not, the record shows and will always show that the cult is a monstrous human rights destroyer. It is one hell of a record, but clearly understandable.

Gerry Armstrong
#1-45950 Alexander Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 1L5