Berlin (2011)


Berlin, 17. Sept. 2011
Gerry Armstrong
Thomas Gandow, Dialog Zentrum Berlin

Thomas Gandow: ” I welcome you on behalf of the Dialog-Zentrum Berlin. Currently Gerry Armstrong is our guest and we’ve been working with him for a very long time. Among other things many years ago we co-founded the European-American Citizen’s Committee for Freedom of Religion in the United States of America. The committee´s goal is to make sure that a person may leave an organization such as Scientology without being persecuted, that he may speak freely about it, that files which have been created on him won’t be used in order to blackmail him and to hinder him from exercising his right to freedom of speech and similar things.

We have created this event specifically for anonymous and the internet community as there are recent discussions about how to confront Scientology. The Dialog-Zentrum Berlin’s view in this debate is that the fundamental point in the confrontation, to hit the bull’s eye so to speak, is to deal with the teachings of an organization such as Scientology. Abuses exist everywhere, but when you confront the teachings, then you truly hit the bull’s eye. And because of that we also intent to maintain that view and have invited Gerry to inform, mostly, about his history with Scientology. Especially after in the past days there were particularly malicious attacks on the internet against Gerry, which have been put on the internet by Marty Rathbun and his adherents. For example it was very maliciously claimed that it had been Gerry’s fault that Bob Minton has been ruined as Gerry had caused Minton to supply him with a computer. I know from my friend Bob Minton that he offered and presented a computer to Gerry on his own accord, and that he supported him on his own accord, because he wanted to work “in concert” with Gerry. Which is precisely one of the phrases in the suppressive court judgements against Gerry, that persons, who work “in concert” with him, may be threatened and persecuted by Scientology based on these judgements just like Gerry Armstrong himself. The Dialog-Zentrum Berlin is proud to work “in concert” with Gerry and we’re happy that he’s now going to give his statement to us and that he´s also going to answer all possible questions after that. Thank you for coming. ”

0:00-3:35 Introduction by Pastor Thomas Gandow (German).

3:35 [GA clarifies why he is here in Berlin.]

4:00 [When GA met Rinder; when GA met Rathbun.]

5:00 [Rathbun and Rinder covert ops; black propaganda; GA left in 1981; highlights of his history; in final two years did research for Hubbard’s biography.]

6:00 [GA documented Hubbard’s lies; Hubbard ordered his marriage broken up.]

7:00 [Leaving Scientology; working with Omar Garrison; working on Hubbard’s biography; being in communication with Hubbard; lawsuits.]

8:00 [Communicating with Hubbard; biography research project;  Omar Garrison; Hubbard as a gargantuan liar.]

9:00 [GA invites questions. GA left Scientology in 1981]

10:00 [Escaping Scientology in December 1981; Omar Garrison]

11:00 [Job with Omar Garrison; Costa Mesa; surveillance; Christofferson v. Scientology; 1985 Portland trial; documents showing Scientology operation; Dan Sherman (current LRH biographer).]

12:00 [Dan Sherman; intelligence.]

13:00 [Document Scientology entered in to the Christofferson case; Loyalist op and David Miscavige — same pattern going on now.]

14:00 [Surveillance; February 1982 SP Declare; April 1982 second SP Declare; GA’s wedding photographs.]

15:00 [GA and wife becoming educated in legal affairs; Scientology stole photos]

16:00 [Hooking up with Michael Flynn; going back to Omar Garrison re: documents; helping Omar copy documents; sending documents to Michael Flynn]

17:00 [Rathbun’s activity  during lawsuit]

18:00 [Rathbun; Scientology sued GA 6 times; PIs’ fair game; terrorizing GA and wife on freeway]

19:00 [Freeway incident;  going to Costa Mesa Police]

20:00 [LAPD Officer $10,000 for phony authorization to surveil, eavesdrop and videotape GA and Michael Flynn; Rathbun and Rinder involved in lawsuit and operations; Dan Sherman remains GA’s “friend”]

21:00 [Sherman’s cover; meeting in Griffith Park; Rathbun as Mr. Fix-it; Rathbun came to home before trial in 1984]

22:00 [GA meeting with ex-wife; Christofferson trial; 1984 Breckenridge Decision; Scientology’s accusation about stealing documents]

23:00 [Breckenridge Decision; fair game; sending documents to attorney; Hubbard as pathological liar; examples of his lies]

24:00 [Question re lie about number of children, and answer; Sara Northrup and Alexis; claim about Jack Parsons; occult practices with Jack Parsons; Hubbard’s false claim re being sent in to break up a black magic ring; occult practices in Scientology; Crowley system.]

25:00 [Question re Hubbard’s history as Intelligence person; GA answer]

26:00 [Hubbard’s so called “sheep-dipped” history; the Admissions]

27:00 [“Men are my slaves”; documents show Hubbard programmed himself; GA concluded Hubbard was a psychopath/sociopath; defines essential qualities]

28:04 [break in tape]

28:00 [Re B & G Wards and decision against Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard]

29:00 [David Kluge and going to Nevada for pc files; discussion re operation to try and prevent GA from testifying]

30:00 [Operation in London; acosted by 3 PIs accusing him of passing documents at the Olde Cock Tavern; PIs executed false declarations re operation.]

31:00 [Returned from London; series of meetings with Dan Sherman; meetings with David Kluge and then with Mike Rinder; Eugene Ingram; Rathbun has claimed he hired Ingram; Ingram threatening to put a bullet between GA’s eyes]

32:00 [Meetings with Kluge and Rinder were videotaped by Ingram; Scientology used tapes later in Christofferson; Loyalist op]

33:00 [L. Ron Hubbard directly involved; Hubbard was very much on the lines during Armstrong 1 trial; Vaughn Young told GA Hubbard was involved; wanted poster]

34:00 [Question re whether they’ve tried to kill GA physically or his personal honor; GA’s answer re threats; physically assaulted 6 times; terrorized on freeway; when pressure mounts in a cult, for example People’s Temple]

35:00 [When GA was on the ship, discussion re various people to assasinate; hate comes from Miscavige faction and Independent faction as well; discusses threat]

36:00 [Rex Fowler incident and cult pressure; meetings with Kluge and Rinder]

37:00 [GA had just beat Scientology in their suit against him; GA’s countersuit was proceeding; how situation related to the Loyalist op; at Christofferson trial it became apparent that Kluge, Rinder and Sherman not his friends and that he had been lured in to a trap]

38:00 [How GA he talked while on surveilance tape.]

39:00 [During Christofferson trial GA contemplated suicide. Question about Mike Flynn, and GA’s answer.]

40:00 [Mike Flynn, $39 million judgment and fair game; lived in Portland after trial, Mike Flynn hired GA and went to Boston as paralegal until settlement in December 1986]

41:00 [In Boston contacted by FBI; Scientology accused GA of impersonating an FBI officer; FBI officer came to Flynn’s office and interviewed GA]

42:00 [FOIA request and obtained some of the operation documents; what Scientology did with the videotape; Freedom article about the operation; distributed an incomplete transcript of videotape to government officials and police]

43:00 [Judge in Christofferson said videos are devastating against Scientology, allowed them to be shown to the jury; Scientology created edited version of the tapes and using tapes for regging]

44:00 [Scientology claimed that GA was in conspiracy with the IRS; the IRS interest in Armstrong case and MCCS tapes]

45:00 [ MCCS; RTC, CST, Bridge Publications, CSI]

46:00 [MCCS meeting; admitted to defrauding the IRS; IRS got hold of tape of meeting; IRS continued to deny tax exemption from 1984 through 1993.]

47:00 [Scientology’s letter-writing campaign in connection with the edited video; COINTELPRO]

48:00 [COINTELPRO and Scientology’s claim; GA was a federal witness]

49:00 [How Scientology justified videotape operation; paid LAPD officer at least $10,000 to give them an authorization; Daryl Gates’ statement]

50:00 [LAPD officer was suspended from the force; Scientology continues to falsely claim this was a legal operation authorized by LAPD; Rinder and Rathbun were both involved;Scientology’s letter-writing campaign]

51:00 [FBI Director Webster wrote no evidence of IRS doing anything improper; tried to have GA prosecuted with the LA District Attorney; LA DA also said there is no crime here]

52:00 [How it would be helpful if Rathbun and Rinder came forward and told the truth;  Scientology culled GA’s pc folders; embellished GA’s history]

53:00 [Presented embellished history to Judge Breckenridge and attorneys. Breckenridge went through GA’s pc folders; why GA wanted his pc folders]

54:00 [Culling pc files; the videotape operation–lured GA in on basis that they wanted to prove Flynn was innocent of passing a forged check.]

55:00 [Scientology framed Flynn with passing a forged $2 million check; Rathbun personally traveled with Gene Ingram black PRing Flynn about the check; Scientology paid known criminals to implicate Flynn]

56:00 [Paid criminal in Naples to sign a declaration to frame Flynn; Flynn claimed they broke up his marriage; planted agents in Flynn’s office; Flynn claimed they tampered with his private plane and attempted to assasinate him; used Flynn’s innocence to lure GA into operation]

57:00 [December 1986 Flynn announced Scientology had agreed to settle all the cases Flynn represented; settlement talks through 1982-1986;

57:55 [break in tape]

58:00 [GA had already testified for some 45 days in probably 20 cases; executed dozens of declarations or affidavits; GA’s trial scheduled for a month away; Flynn called and said it was arranged]

59:00 [GA had already communicated to Flynn that he would not sign a gag order; willing to settle;

59:33 [break in tape]

1:00 [Flynn and global settlement; GA flew to Los Angeles; Flynn gave GA the “settlement agreement” he was expected to sign and their discussion (documentation on website)]

1:01:13  [break in tape]

1:01 [The settlement agreement]

1:02 [Prohibitions within settlement agreement]

1:02 [GA’s discussion with Flynn why he can’t sign the agreement; “Gerry, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.”]

1:03 [Flynn tells GA about Scientology promise to end fair game; GA resisted signing;  Flynn told GA that they destroyed Flynn’s life, etc.; how Scientology made GA responsible]

1:04 [Another of Flynn’s client screamed at GA to pressure him to sign agreement; GA made responsible for other clients]

1:05 [GA’s vision into the future where he was going to be haunted and hunted and deserted. (GA pause); why GA signed the agreement; what Rathbun calls “selling out”; why the Indies hate GA.]

1:06 [Signed the settlement agreement; Scientology would not let him get on with his life; within days after settlement, Scientology took a mass of black PR on GA to the Los Angeles Times. GA couldn’t respond to the black PR; discussion about wording of the contract; gives you the idea that it is reciprocal.]

1:07 [Scientology threats; Scientology filed affidavits in Russell Miller case (Barefaced Messiah).]

1:08 [Bent Corydon case; black pr; subpoena; Lawrence Heller threat]

1:09 [ Scientology wanted to have their attorney represent GA against Corydon; GA’s decision to speak out; Judge Whyte.]

1:10 [Court of appeal rejected Scientology’s appeal on basis that my cross-complaint had not been tried. Cross-complaint scheduled to go to trial when settlement happened.]

1:10 [GA petitioned Court of appeal to participate in his own appeal; contract prohibits GA from defending himself in his own appeal.]

1:11 [Court of Appeal made settlement contract public.]

1:11 [1991: Filed first action against GA to enforce settlement contract. Motion to enforce.Judge ruled this was one of the most one-sided, unfair contracts he had ever seen.]

1:12 [Scientology filed a new lawsuit; Judge Gary Thomas ruling; injunction; GA had no trial in this case.]

1:13 [Thomas ruled no pressure or duress; okay to sign away your 1st amendment rights.]

1:14 [GA bankruptcy; Scientology sued GA in bankruptcy.]

1:15 [GA won the case in bankruptcy; Thomas injunction; Scientology beneficiaries; injunction applies around the world.]

1:16 [The Indies are also beneficiaries in this contract and injunction.]

1:16 [Question and GA answer re Indies’ as beneficiaries.]

1:17 [Contract and injunction: impact on GA’s employment; GA filed notice of appeal; record on appeal.]

1:18 [1997: first Internet account; IRS 1023 submission; pages of black PR on GA used to get tax exemption.]

1:19 [IRS, black PR; Rathbun and Rinder filed the materials with the IRS; another reason why they don’t come forward.]

1:20 [IRS tax exemption; black PR on GA.]

1:21 [GA leaves the US to go to Canada; Grady Ward’s case; subpoena; attorney threat.]

1:22 [GA declaration; left US; Scientology’s contempt of court order.]

1:24 [Fugitive from justice claim; how they got rid of GA’s appeal; GA came to Germany for first time; second contempt of court order for speaking in Germany, Russia and Denmark.]

1:25 [Contempt order comes with fines and jail time]

1:26 [Important areas Rathbun and Rinder should testify about re: pressure from GA’s attorney that drove him to malpractice.]

1:26 [Rathbun and Rinder involved in framing Flynn. Information could help to correct injustices.]

1:27 [Rathbun and Rinder are phonies; don’t want to correct the evils; don’t say anything about the injustices and crimes committed against people outside the organization.]

1:27 [Question and answer re Rathbun and Rinder’s intentions for Scientology.]

1:28 [Freezone; GA’s relationship with Independents; David Mayo; Rathbun and Rinder’s arrival has changed things; Question re Independents and beneficiaries.]

1:29 [Independents as beneficiaries to the contract; factions of Scientology; concern re saying DM is source of Scientology’s problems.]

1:30 [Scientology reformation and injustices.]

1:30 [Question re Rathbun and Squirrelbusters; Loyalists.]

1:31 [Loyalists; break in tape; Independents’ black PR; Rathbun and Hubbard’s falsehoods, etc.]

1:32 [Rathbun and Lisa McPherson; what done to influence the judge in McPherson; what done to influence the judge in Armstrong; Question re Rathbun]

1:33 [Rathbun’s letter to GA (Pastor Gandow reads Rathbun’s letter); Gerry’s letters to Rathbun; why he started writing Rathbun and asked for help.]

1:34 [GA’s manuscript, theft of documents; Jesse Prince and Vicki Aznaran told GA that Miscavige has GA’s materials; Rathbun’s agents stole it from GA’s car (reads Rathbun’s letter to GA).]

1:35 [Re Rathbun being able to understand GA; (reading Rathbun’s September 6, 2009 letter)]

1:36 [St. Pete Times article and Rathbun’s claim about not lying; continues reading Rathbun’s letter. ]

1:37 [Re: mental process of a psychopath; continues reading Rathbun’s letter; selling out.]

1:38 [(GA continues reading Rathbun’s letter.)]

1:39 [Perverse document. Question re possibility of reformation and GA answer.]

1:40 [Scientology installs a psychopathic condition: no guilt, lying, uncaring toward fellow human beings, no remorse; temporary condition.]

1:41 [Examples of installing a psychopathic condition in groups; discussion re FZ and Independents.]

1:42 [Hubbard and lying; Scientologists and lying; conscience.]

1:43 [Question about Hubbard’s 1947 letter requesting psychiatric help and answer; Hubbard documents, the Admissions.]

1:44 [Question re pressure and contract; other defenses such as fraud.]

1:45 [GA’s defenses.]

1:46 [Thomas Gandow comments about validity of contract.]

1:47 [The injunction and how it applies to people acting in concert with GA.]

1:48 [The injunction and prohibitions; acting in concert; question re religion.]

1:49 [Question and answer re future of Scientology and what GA would work toward; education of the public.]

1:50 [Banning will not work.]

1:51 [Scientology selling a psychopathic condition; discussion re future.]

1:51 [Question re criminal organization.]

1:52 [Question: Why is Scientology not prosecuted as a criminal organization? GA answer. ]

1:52 [break in tape]

1:52 [US made an ally of Scientology and why.]

1:53 [More re US making an ally of Scientology; US and Scientology’s victims; US could have come to GA’s defense.]

1:54 [Education about psychopathy and Scientology as a psychopathic organization. Question re: Scientology going underground.]

1:55 [GA answer; further re education.]

1:56 [Scientology defrauds people; protection racket; Thomas Gandow closes (German).]