Vancouver tailing incident

During the March 15 protest in Vancouver, this guy was the main Scientology photographer, taking photos of the anonymous people and nonanons like me. He seemed to seethe, however, when I took his picture as he was taking mine. Also see my picket report. At the April 12 protest, when it was time to leave, […]

Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

Exhibit D:

Religious Freedom Watch – Defending Religious Rights Anti-Religious Extremists / Gerald Armstrong Gerald Armstrong * What his ‘friends’ think of him Gerald Armstrong Gerald Armstrong is a former clerk in a Scientology church.In former days, Armstrong hatched a plot to seize the Church’s assets in collaboration with the Los Angeles IRS Criminal Investigation Division. When […]

Exhibit C: a.r.s. post

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Gerald Armstrong Affidavit and Evidence to Officer Emmons

Media accounts of first letter from “Hubbard”

Ronald DeWolf files suit

United States Mission Holders’ Conference San Francisco

Affidavit (LaVenda [Van Schaick] Dukoff)

Three letters purportedly written by L. Ron Hubbard