Clayton C. Ruby, CM, libels Gerry Armstrong

As anybody with a clue knows, in his recent book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, Marty Rathbun continues to lie about the people he victimized while in the Scientology cult, notably my attorney Michael Flynn and me. Rathbun still executes cult head David Miscavige’s malevolent command intention for treating specific Scientology victims. Rathbun has refused to correct his lies, has not told the truth to help his victims, but instead has incited others to hate us.

Rathbun writes in his Memoirs about the Ontario Provincial Police’s March 3, 1983 raid on the cult’s headquarters in Toronto, and provides a few snippets about his part in what happened afterward.

I retained two of Toronto’s most highly regarded and aggressive criminal civil rights lawyers, Clayton Ruby and Marlys Edwardh. They immediately began what would turn into years of litigation over the legality of the search and seizure.


Initially I was in Toronto for several days attempting to bring order, get the church proper back into delivery, and the legal unit organized and operating.
Memoirs, pp. 209,210

Ruby’s name came up for me in the Julie Christofferson v. Scientology trial in Portland, Oregon in April 1985.1

This past Sunday, while searching for copies of the transcripts of the unlawful video recording the Scientologists made of David Kluge and Mike Rinder’s entrapment conversations with me in Griffith Park in November 1984, Caroline and I discovered a November 6, 1992 letter from Ruby to cult attorney Monique Yingling.2 Ruby wrote the letter to help the Scientologists get their IRS tax exemption, and is included in their submission to the IRS dated, I believe, November 23 1992.

Rathbun’s black PR on Flynn and me in his 2013 Memoirs parallels Ruby’s black PR on us in his 1992 letter.

I have written Ruby three letters3 identifying his lies and libels about me and demanded that he remedy them. So far, like Rathbun, he has not responded.