Defamation claim and demand for remedy

February 16, 2014

Clayton C. Ruby, Esquire
Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan11 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1B2

By:      Canada Post

Fax 416 964-8305
Dear Mr. Ruby:

I have just today discovered a copy of a letter from you to Scientology cult attorney Monique Yingling dated November 6, 1992. You write that your letter is to assist the Scientologists in answering a question from the IRS regarding criminal legal proceedings against the Scientologists in Canada. You helped the Scientologists get their ill-deserved 1993 IRS tax exemption with your letter.

You lie about me and defame me in your letter. I am writing to demand that you immediately correct your lies and repair the damage you have done.

Although your whole letter contains a whack of your lies on behalf of the Scientologists, I will just quote the section that refers to and defames me specifically.

Another entry to Ciampini’s diary, in October 1984, when the Crown was preparing its formal charges against the Church of Scientology of Toronto and Church members, stated that Michael Flynn had called to say that he wanted to know when the OPP charges were to be laid “because he has 30 – 35 people inside [the Church] who are immediately going to take physical control of the Church of Scientology California and then ASI [Author Services. Inc.] – then file suit in court – turn over all documents to IRS CID for their investigation.” He further stated his hope that the OPP would move soon and that the “momentum of [the OPP’s] charges will cause Scientology to collapse.”

Sergeant Ciampini was questioned at trial about his connection to those seeking to take over the Church.

“Q. And did you know his clients were trying to take physical control, to take over the Church of Scientology in the United States and around the world?

A. I heard, as you can see from my notes here, that it was people within the organization that felt that they wanted to take over the organization.

Certainly I had no control over that.

Q. But you knew that they were doing that?

A. I knew it as of October 9, 1984, yes.”

Cross Examination of Ciampini, January 10, 1992, p.111

“Q. If I read this note correctly that you made, the takeover of the Church of Scientology of California and ASI is going to follow immediately upon your arrest, your laying of charges. Isn’t that so?

A. That’s what he is saying, yes.

Q. Well, surely you said to him, ‘Listen, you can’t tie this takeover of these church institutions to my laying of charges in Canada. You must have nothing to do with this.’

A. I had nothing to do with this.

Q. You must have told him you must have nothing to do with this. Surely you said, ‘Don’t involve me in this.’

A. I gave him no instructions.

Q. Am I wrong in suggesting to you that the sense of this now is that you were quite content to let this all happen?

A. I had no control over it, Mr. Ruby.”

Cross Examination of Ciampini January 10, 1992, p.117

This testimony above corroborates the plan exposed in late 1984 in a police authorized video tape of IRS CID operative Gerry Armstrong in which Armstrong planned to plant phony documents in the Church that could be seized in an IRS CID raid designed to topple the Church hierarchy so that Armstrong and Flynn could seize control.

I am the Gerry Armstrong you’re referring to. I was not an IRS CID operative. You are lying, and dangerously.

I was a witness. The Scientologists attempted to entrap and frame a federal witness. The Scientologists further claimed that you, Mr. Ruby, directed this criminal covert action against me from Canada.

You are lying about me planning to plant phony documents in the Scientology cult to be seized in an IRS raid.

You are lying about an IRS raid to topple the Scientology cult’s hierarchy.

You are lying when you claim Michael Flynn and I, or either of us, planned to seize control of the Scientology cult.

Your claim that the plan you describe was exposed in late 1984 is a lie. There was no such plan. There was a criminal conspiracy against rights, in which you collaborated, that was organized by the Scientologists.

Your claim that the video recordings made of me by your fellow collaborators in your criminal conspiracy against my rights were “police authorized” is a lie. The Scientologists paid a corrupt LAPD officer to sign an unlawful authorization to eaves drop on my attorney and me, to wiretap and record us. The LA Chief of Police acknowledged that the “authorization” was invalid, and the corrupt officer was suspended from the force for his unlawful action. The video recording was unlawful.

The testimony of OPP Sergeant Ciampini that you quote does not corroborate your invented plan. You took Ciampini’s testimony. You know perfectly well you’re lying. You asked Ciampini if he knew Michael Flynn’s clients were trying to take physical control of the cult. Ciampini answers that he had heard “that it was people within the organization that felt that they wanted to take over the organization.”

It was your clients, Mr. Ruby, the Scientologists who were paying you, that had the plan and claimed they wanted to take over the cult. Yet you willfully, falsely twist Ciampini’s testimony to defame and frame Flynn and me.

I can’t tell you how rotten your rotten words and actions have made me feel.

Please immediately let me know your intention regarding remedying your lies and defamation.

Very sincerely,

Gerry Armstrong