EO: Fair Gaming in Europe

Re: Fair Gaming in Europe
by gandow

Only one of Scientology’s Fair Game Campaigns in Germany

We had quite at least a “bit” of Fair Game in Germany.

What nobody knows, will not be found in the medias. And medias don’t like also to touch those things. They are shy. They cancel stories etc.

Even ARS and anonymous do not really delve in to the Fair Game against Gerry Armstrong in Germany, Russia and of course US and Canada.

Even “well meaning” opponents like me do not really believe what Fair Game is all about.

When Gerry was in my house and tried to caution us on Scientology’s Fair Game and about potential Scientology Operatives, coming to our village, he also told me about his experiences twenty years ago in the US.

I said: “OK, this happened to You twenty years ago in the US. BUT: This is Germany, not the Wild West of the US. And this is 2003, not the seventhies.”

When we finally happily arrived from the Autobahn at the church, Gerry could say: “This happend to me twenty minutes before.”

In my opinion by pure lucky chance the “Fair Game on the Autobahn” made it into the newspapers.

Gerry Armstrong–Scientology’s Current Fair Game Campaign in Germany

A lot of media links about the autobahn, spying and a fake bomb threat. Sorry, but I am not able to copy them to this forum.

Only these two:
– video: Refund and Reparation – CNN: Scientology in Peril

– newspaper:Gerry Armstrong–Berliner Zeitung 01-20-2003

A lot happened also to Lawyer Ingo Heinemann Some of it is not “Fair Game” in a strict sense, but simply handling opponents by all means, f.e. www.Ingo-Heinemann.de/Muelltonnen.htm

Be aware: Scientology ist only a synonym for “Fair Game” and “war against WOGs” .