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Latest Lawsuit: Armstrong VII [ Appeal ]

Complaint Report to US DOJ

Armstrong I

CSC v Gerald Armstrong
Los Angeles Superior Court No. C 420153 (Conversion)
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Key Documents:
Mutual Release & Settlement Agreement 12-06-1986
Breckenridge Decision Filed 06-22-1984

Note: Court of Appeal Combined Case Nos. B025920 and B038975.
283 Cal.Rptr. 917

Armstrong II *

CSI v Gerald Armstrong
Marin Superior Court No. 152229/LASC No. BC 052395 (Breach of Contract)

Key Documents
Verified Second Amended Complaint Filed 04-05-1994

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Armstrong III *

CSI v Gerald Armstrong
Los Angeles Superior Court No. BC 084462 (Breach of Contract)

Armstrong IV *

CSI v Gerald Armstrong
Marin Superior Court No. 157680 (Fraudulent Conveyances; Conspiracy; Damages)

Key Documents:
Order of Contempt 07-13-2001
Bench Warrant (Civil) 05-15-1998
Second Order of Contempt 02-20-1998
Bench Warrant (Civil) 08-06-1997
Order of Contempt 06-05-1997
Judgment 05-02-1996
Order of Permanent Injunction 10-17-1995

California Court of Appeal No. A075027, Marin SC No. 157680

* 10-06-1993: Armstrong II and III were consolidated.
09-12-1994: Armstrong II and III were consolidated with Armstrong IV
under Marin SC No. 157680.
All are now called Armstrong IV.

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Armstrong V


Key Documents
Decision 02-16-1996

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Armstrong VI

Armstrong v. Miscavige, et al. (Nevada)

Key Documents
Complaint Filed 11-24-1997
Declaration Janet Holsclaw 06-12-1998

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Armstrong VII

CSI v. Gerald Armstrong, Robert Minton, Lisa McPherson Trust
Marin Superior Court No. CV 021632
(Breach of Contract, Intentional Interference with Relations, Conspiracy)

Key Documents
Complaint 04-02-2002
Armstrong Answer 11-05-2002
Motion for Summary Judgment 11-13-2003
Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment 03-02-2004
Ruling re Motion for Summary Judgment 03-23-2004

Appeal California Court of Appeal No. A107100 Marin SC No. CV 021632

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Armstrong VIII

Armstrong Complaint Report to U.S. Department of Justice

Key Documents
Declaration 03-27-2008
Complaint Report 02-16-2004

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Other Scientology Litigation

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Other Sworn Testimony

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