Gerry talks at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University May 18, 2011


Gerry Armstrong, former personal secretary to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University

On May 18, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University will host a meeting with Gerry Armstrong, former personal secretary to Ron Hubbard, founder of an American totalitarian sect, the “Church of Scientology”.  Since leaving the sect, he has devoted his life to aiding the victims of this destructive cult.

After entering the sect, Gerry Armstrong rose to the elite circle that completely controls the lives of ordinary members.  He received a special assignment to compile the official biography of cult founder Ron Hubbard.  As he gained familiarity with authentic documents while working on the biography, Gerald became convinced that the entire Scientology empire is based on lies and exists solely for the sake of money and world domination.

The sect’s leadership first tried applying to him to the standard practice of “re-education”, depriving him of contact with people and assigning him to hard physical labor in the company of other “offending” members of the sect.  When Mr. Armstrong decided to finally break with the sect, he was subjected to every aspect of Scientology’s “fair game” doctrine, which is directed against the sect’s critics.  To this day, he is unable to return home to the U.S.A., where Scientologists, using their lobbies in the country’s political and judicial system, had Gerry Armstrong sentenced to multimillion-dollar fines and imprisonment.  Armstrong was forced into exile in Germany.

Despite repeated attempts on his life, Gerry Armstrong continues to reveal the true nature of Scientology, as attested by the documents he has preserved.

Location: Rector’s Building, St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University (Bakhrushin Street 2/ 5), 1st floor, room 101

Time: May 18, 2011, beginning at 6 P.M.

Admission is free.  Bring personal identification.

Some of the details about me are inaccurate, but understandable and forgiveable because of translations into Russian from the English language documents on my site, and common editorial errors. I will have the opportunity to correct the record during my talk at St. Tikhon’s University and during the rest of my trip to Russia.

I was Hubbard’s Biography Researcher and Archivist in his Personal Office, not his personal secretary.

Hubbard twice assigned me to Scientology’s re-education camps, the RPF, but this was before I became his Researcher and Archivist. I would have been locked up, and I believed killed, if the cult’s leadership had discovered I was planning to blow while on the biography project, but I successfully escaped.

I’m a Canadian citizen, and my home is in Canada. In 1997, I left the US, where my home then was, because of threats from Scientology, and returned to Canada.

Because of Scientology’s actions and threats while I was in Canada, in early May 2002, Caroline and I traveled to Germany, where we had greater security and where we built my web site to defend against the cult’s legal and extralegal fair game. We stayed there until the end of January 2004, and had to return to Canada in order to defend against Scientology’s lawsuit (Armstrong VII) that was served on me in Germany.

Although Scientology sought $10,050,000 in liquidated damages against me in that case, the cult obtained a judgment in April 2004 for $500,000, which is just as unconscionable and unlawful as the multimillions the cult was seeking. The fines Scientology obtained against me are in addition to the liquidated damages judgment.

Scientology obtained orders sentencing me to jail in California, and those are still pending. If I ever showed up in California, and possibly anywhere in the US, I could be jailed, and because of my hundreds of thousands of violations of the cult’s unlawful injunction, potentially I could be jailed for the rest of my life.

There haven’t been any attempts on my life that I know of, although Scientologists or the cult’s hired agents have physically assaulted me six times, threatened to assassinate me, terrorized me very dangerously on highways, and certainly Miscavige and his cohorts want me dead. As the pressures increase on Miscavige, et al., and they don’t sue for peace, the likelihood of an attempt on my life will predictably also increase.