GO Order 261175LRH Program LRH Security Code Name: Power


cc CSG
cc GWW



26 NOV 75


1. Maintain an alerting Early Warning System throughout the GO N/W so that any situation concerning govts or courts by reason of suits is known in adequate time to take defensive actions to suddenly raise the level on LRH personal security very high. DGUS__________
2. Begin at once to build up a USB AG office that is permanent and effective in all Bus both to take this load off LRH and CSG lines and to proof up the USB against catastrophes in any Bu area. The USB area is the most sensitive area you now have in US or international operations and the AG office there should be commensurate with the importance and potential threat of the existing scene. GWW, DGUS 22-3-77
3. Really attain PROAC in the CW operating area for the organizations operating there, sort out any weak spots or potential threats internal or external and handle, concentration in this target being upon the operation itself and its contacts and internal personnel. Dynamite spots should be predicted far in advance (example non-US registration cycle which I’m having to push) and handled before any repercussion occurs. DGUS 22-3- 77
4. Get in a stream of reports by making the USB-GOWW reporting cycle from USB AG office very fast and positive, with this line running directly to the GO on its own N/W channels independent of LRH-CSG lines. These lines come back from GOUS and GWW to LRH-CSG, not from USB to LRH-CSG for local handling. Put a terminal in at GOUS that coordinates USB as a single-hatted action. GWW, DGUS Done 31 May
5. Develop a specific set of stats for the
USB GO Office that reflect the reality of the existing scene, including every BU.
DGUS Done [HH?] 19-2-76
6. Push the stats into Power. GWW, DGUS__________