Letter from Attorney Wilson to Armstrong

From: Andy Wilson <ahw@WilsonCampilongo.com>
To: “‘armstrong@dowco.com'” <armstrong@dowco.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 12:48:20 -0800
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Dear Mr. Armstrong:

You are apparently asking us to give you some relief from the Court’s previous orders. As in the past, you ask for the Court’s assistance only when it benefits you, but feel free to ignore the Court when it does not. Thus, you felt that you could ignore the permanent injunction simply because you disagreed with it, and in fact, you chose to leave the State rather than obey that order.

The Court found you in contempt. You ignored that order as well. You could have appeared in court at that time but you chose not to. The Court issued a bench warrant. You chose to flee and to continue your willful violations of the injunctions. The Court again found you in contempt. Those willful violations persisted.

The contempt citations against you were issued by the Court as a result of your willful violations of its orders. Only the Court can withdraw them and we will certainly not presume to act for the Court.


Andrew H. Wilson