Letter to David Miscavige, head beneficiary in Scientology v. Armstrong

April 9, 2008

David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A.

Also by E-mail

Dear Mr. Miscavige:

As you know, a week ago I wrote, webbed and posted a letter to the beneficiaries in the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction.

I mentioned in the letter that it was you and your regimers, as opposed to the majority of individual beneficiaries, who concocted the contract and the injunction and made all beneficiaries beneficiaries. I also said that you have prevented a number of beneficiaries certainly from finding out they’re beneficiaries.

You clearly do know that you yourself are a beneficiary and that all of the beneficiaries are beneficiaries. You also know the contract’s and the injunction’s purpose, and you know how evil that purpose is.

You want and seek to stop people from discovering the truth, of course, because the contract’s and injunction’s purpose is the global and wholesale suppression and destruction of basic human rights. You are brazen beyond bastards, but have not yet acquired enough power to openly proclaim what your real evil purpose is.

The Scientology v. Armstrong contract and injunction and the record of what you have done, and had your fellow beneficiaries do, to enforce these unconscionable fatwas expose your covert and cloaked, but nevertheless cult-wide, command intention. The words are written down and have been spread beyond any possibility of silencing, first by copiers and now by the Internet. You and your co-beneficiaries are all exposed, ethically and legally.

People around the world haven’t got it yet, because you’ve been somehow successful in preventing virtually everyone from getting it. You get it, because you could not possibly have squandered so much, worked so many years, and continue to risk so much, to stop all the wogs, as well as the beneficiaries, from getting it. Characteristic of criminals, you are trying to stop people from getting what you’ve got, from discovering what you’re source of.

Your regimers get it, because many of them are your attorneys or intelligence ops. Having got it, they dread the day when my attorney, or a US attorney, who’ve got it, gets the willful, or even some unwillful, beneficiaries in a deposition or on the stand. There is no way for you and all the beneficiaries on the planet to suppress or destroy the record. You and your regimers therefore have a terrible motivator to obliterate me. I’m writing as well then to try to get you, and your regimers, and all the beneficiaries, to change your motivators. Your individual and joint evil purposes of suppressing, destroying and obliterating good people can end when you remove yourselves as beneficiaries. These ev purps, moreover, cannot end for any beneficiaries unless you remove yourselves.

While I’m at it, I’ll again ask you to return the manuscript, art work, other documents and the briefcase you had stolen from my car. You could actually greatly alleviate your intention to suppress, destroy and obliterate me by returning all the things you’ve stolen from me. You of course have never wanted to alleviate your evil intentions toward me, so you have willfully kept my property all these years.

When exactly wogs world wide will get Scientology v. Armstrong is truly on God’s timetable, and is out of my hands. Some of it is still in your hands, however, because you can stop stopping everyone from getting anything at any time. You could even confess and announce and renounce what you’ve gotten. As I’ve said so many times before, however, I cannot expect you to do what is decent, in the same way that I would expect conscienceful people to do what’s decent, because you’re a sociopath. I also cannot expect any other beneficiaries to do what is decent as long as they are under your domination.

Nevertheless, it still makes sense to ask all the beneficiaries I can contact to remove themselves as beneficiaries. There is evidence that God has softened very hard hearts, even ones with OT obduracy. And I know there must be a remnant of benevolent and brave beneficiaries out there, and brainy enough to understand their situation and condition.

A number of wogs have a fairly good sense of the facts, in fact the abundance of facts, but still haven’t gotten Scientology v. Armstrong the way you get it. They haven’t spent all the years as you have, of course, conspiring to concoct and enforce the contract and injunction. You know these documents and the Scientology v. Armstrong war are key to the whole world getting your organization’s nature, doctrines, duplicity and threat. The case and the war also bring into focus your own individual and personal nature, doctrines, duplicity and threat, because you have run the litigation and the extra-litigation programs involving all beneficiaries over the last twenty-two years.

It’s impossible that the world will become aware that all your lies are true. That’s in fact why Scientology can never work – its lies, with every Scientologist postulator postulating together, will never be true. It is, however, possible that the world will become aware that all your lies are lies. It is impossible as well for you and all your fellow beneficiaries to suppress and destroy my record, but it is very possible that the world will become aware of your command intention to do so.

Now is the time for all beneficiaries, you included, to stop being beneficiaries of suppression and destruction, and to remove yourselves. Here’s a Beneficiary Removal Form to facilitate your removal.

Yours judiciously,

Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6