Letter to David Schindler, Esq., Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary

April 2, 2008

David J. Schindler, Esq.
Latham & Watkins LLP
633 West Fifth Street, Suite 4000
Los Angeles CA 90071-2007

By E-mail: david.schindler[at]lw.com

Dear Mr. Schindler:

It has come to my attention that you are an attorney for one or more Scientology churches or organizations. Therefore you are a beneficiary in the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction and my letter of today to all beneficiaries applies to you.

Any other attorneys in your firm that are legal counsel to any Scientology or affiliated church, organization or entity are also beneficiaries.

For your convenience and security, my letter to all beneficiaries also follows. The letter on my web site contains links to the underlying legal documents. If you or any other attorney wish to be removed as a beneficiary in the Scientology v. Armstrong contract and injunction I’ve created a Beneficiary Removal Form.


Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6