Letter to FBI (FOIA Appeal)

Law Offices
(617) 350-7200


December 9, 1985

Assistant Attorney General
Office of Legal Policy
United States Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530

ATTN: Office of Information and Privacy

Dear Sir:

This is an appeal from the denials in the response to my Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts request directed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Attached please find a copy of the following documents forwarded to me by the FBI in Boston pursuant to my request.

A. Letter of November 20, 1985 to me signed by Edward W. Ludemann, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, in response to my FOIA request.

B. Letter of November 12, 1985 to William F. Weld, U.S. Attorney in Boston, from James W. Greenleaf, Special Agent in Charge, re: Gerry Armstrong –

C. Letter of 10/25/85 from me to agent Timothy Leonard re: alleged impersonation.

D. Letter of 10/23/85 from me to FBI Boston requesting documents under FOIA.

E. Declaration of Gerald Armstrong dated 10/23/85 relating to alleged incident of impersonation.

F. FD-302 FBI report dated 11/4/85 prepared following an interview of me by FBI agent Timothy Leonard on 10/23/85.

G. Complaint form dated 10/17/85 referencing a complaint filed with the FBI in Boston by persons to me as yet unknown.

Assistant Attorney General
December 9, 1985
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H. Letter of 12/9/85 from me to FBI Boston correcting errors in the 11/4/85 FD-302 report.

The information which has been denied and which I am appealing to have provided to me is as follows:

1. The names of the individuals who appeared at the Boston FBI office on 10/17/85 and provided the FBI with an affidavit which accused me of impersonation of an FBI agent (Ref. G attached).

2. A copy of the affidavit provided by these individuals to the FBI on 10/17/85 (Ref. G attached).

3. A copy of the letter dated 10/22/85 (Ref. item 2 of B attached).

4. A copy of the letter dated 11/6/85 (Ref. item 5 of B attached).

5. Any additional correspondence between the complainant or other members of Scientology and the FBI regarding this operation against me.

6. Any other reports, investigation results or conclusions by the FBI relating to this alleged impersonation/frameup.

I am appealing because I believe it is my right to know who my accusers are, and it is an injustice for them to remain unknown to me, and for correspondence and reports about me to remain unanswered and uncorrected in Federal files.

It is already acknowledged that the complainant and the persons acting with him or her are agents of Scientology. I have been attacked by Scientology or persons acting for the organization since I left in 1981. I have been assaulted, driven into and attempts were made to involve me in a highway
accident. I have been libeled and slandered. The Organization, using private investigators and intelligence operatives, has attempted to destroy my reputation, livelihood and life. This “impersonation” incident is clearly only another Scientology operation. It seems to me to be patently unjust that this
organization should be able to subject me to more intimidation
Assistant Attorney General
December 9, 1985
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and harassment via Federal agencies and yet have agents remain unknown and the reports filed about me go unrebutted.

I am also enclosing with this letter and attachments a copy of the decision in the lawsuit the organization brought against me in 1982. The trial judge found the same facts I have stated in the preceding paragraph.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

Very truly yours,

Gerry Armstrong

[Signed] G. Armstrong


cc: Richard Greenberg, Esquire
Department of Justice


Suffolk, SS.                     12/10/85

Then personally appeared before me and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be his free act and deed.

Before me,

[Signed] Lorna E. Doherty
Lorna E. Doherty

My Commission Expires: 3/31/89

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