Mike Rinder clears me of charge

On April 4, I sent Mike Rinder the following message:

Dear Mike:

You doubtlessly already know all this, and for repeating myself I apologize. Graham Berry posted on Facebook about you and Marty Rathbun not assisting victims of the fair game you both knew about, and then Graham seemed to blame me for your non-assistance to the other people in our class. I’m not on FB, so I posted a response on my own blog.1

I apologize for not sending the link sooner.

There was also a brief discussion on WWP.2

I sent Marty the same message.

Patiently as always,


On April 7, I received this email from Rinder:

Hi Gerry,

I didnt see anything by Graham, but then again I dont really look. He reposts some of my blog articles and I see that, but that is about all. I don’t go looking for what people say about me, I dont have much interest in it frankly. They range from me being the devil to me being a superhero.

I just do what I do and what I think is right and pretty much ignore anything else. So excuse me for not reading whatever it is that you wrote either. It’s not personal. I just don’t have time.


In the FB thread mentioned above, Graham Berry had written that he had “wondered why Marty and Mike have not done anything to assist redeem, or apologize, those others of us who were damaged and/or destroyed by OSA’s intimidation, litigation and defamation activities.” Then Graham implied that I had caused Rathbun and Rinder to not assist their victims by mercilessly attacking and condemning them. I had not, of course, mercilessly attacked or condemned them; but still, the implication in what Graham wrote was that I was somehow responsible for their irresponsibility. Now Rinder has stated that he has not assisted the people he helped damage or destroy with intimidation, litigation and defamation activities because he doesn’t have time.

Presumably, if Rinder had the time he now lacks, he would assist his victims. He does not say or suggest that there is another reason or justification for not assisting them (“I just don’t have time.”)

My communications, recently or over the years, could not be causing Rinder to not have time, regardless of whether my communications mercilessly attacked or condemned him or not, because he doesn’t read whatever it is I wrote.

Since the assistance his victims want from Rinder is to tell the truth, what he is really saying is that he just doesn’t have time to tell the truth. And he’s saying he doesn’t have time to see the truth, look for the truth, or read the truth.

I don’t accept that Rinder does not have the time to help his victims or time to even read his victims’ communications, but I could be the lone Rinder victim who doesn’t accept what he’s saying. I do accept that my communications are not his justification, or did not cause his justification, for not helping his victims or reading what they write. If his other victims accept his justification, they might consider making time for him, which could be an excellent Honey Tech® app. One of his victims could mow his lawn for him; another could cook his meals, do his dishes or launder his clothes. One of Rinder’s really rich victims could hire him some assistants, which for sure would give him enough time to read what one or two of his victims have to say.

Back when I was writing Rathbun ever so civilly, entreating him to assist in correcting injustices he had perpetrated, he commented on his bog: “If Gerry wrote a civil communication that was even understandable, I’d answer him. To date he hasn’t.” Rathbun’s public justification for not assisting me is essentially that he isn’t intelligent enough to read what I write. But at least he is saying that he tried to read my communications. Rinder’s public justification is that he isn’t even trying, because he doesn’t have time to try.

Taking him at face value :-), Rathbun doesn’t need time, he needs to have his triangle expanded. Maybe his victims could take up a collection for a triangle expander. I’ll continue to communicate as simply as possible, with a very long R.

Taking Rinder at face value :-), he just doesn’t have time, that is, he is just not at cause over time. The R, however, is that he cannot be taken at face value; he is just pretending to be the effect of time. He uses it causatively to convey his contempt for his victims. They’re not worth the time, or he just hasn’t time for them. It took Rathbun and Rinder’s contempt to create their victims, and it takes contempt to not now assist them.