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@Gerry Armstrong: I just reviewed all all of the few posts here on Jesse’s blog and I see no such “smack talk” about you or any of the others who ended up settling with Co$.

You might consider paying less attention to what you are told by others and instead, using your God-given eyes to read what actually is and has been written by Jesse, which you clearly have not.

Michael A. Hobson

TheSneakster on Ex-Scn Message Board
May 2, 2011 11:57 PM

Well, of course, clearly I haven’t read what actually is and has been written by Jesse. Someone would have to be a pretty big blowhard to even suggest he had.

I can’t imagine anyone, other than Jesse, maybe, who has read what actually is and has been written by him. And even he might have written something, or maybe even a lot of things, and then not read what he’d written.

I have read what I know of that Jesse has written that has been made publicly available over the past 13 or so years. But what I’ve read has to be but a fraction of what actually is and has been written by Jesse.

I realize you’re not actually claiming that you’ve read what actually is and has been written by Jesse, but you also imply that you’ve read something that I haven’t. So if you could please refer me to the material you’ve read that you are certain I have clearly not read, it would be enlightening and very helpful.

I trust you’ve read what actually is and has been written by me that I’ve made publicly available over the past many years.

It’s quite a semantic marvel to urge someone to do something you’re urging them not to do. To pay less attention to what I’m told by others, and instead to read what I’m being told by Jesse, is terribly exclusionist, almost Scientological. How many times did we hear, “Pay less attention to what you are told by others and instead read what actually is and has been written by LRH.”

Seriously, isn’t Jesse among the others in the world who have told me, or might tell me, something? You’re telling me I might consider paying less attention to what I’m told by others. I can’t help but put you in that category. I could see how that could apply to you, but I really can’t generalize the idea of paying less attention to you, for example, into paying less attention to others. There are just too many others, and they include some people that I at least would not want to pay less attention to.

I have to assume that you’re not flat out BSing, and that you’re urging me to do something that has worked well for some time for you. It seems appropriate to ask how much less attention you now pay to what others tell you, or are you able to pay no attention whatsoever to what others tell you? And how has replacing paying attention to what others told you with reading what actually is and has been written by Jesse actually worked out for you? It’s clear that you want me to have the gains you’ve had, but I actually would like to know what they are actually are.

It is odd, and I’d think embarrassing, you’d have to admit, that you reviewed all the posts on Jesse’s blog looking for “smack talk” when I had written that, “Some months ago, a longtime friend told me” about Jesse “talking smack about me.” You conducted a search and successfully did not find what wasn’t there and no one said was there.

The reason I was told that Jesse gave for putting me down those some months ago is what is relevant, and relates to what he wrote about Scientology’s victims settling their claims with Scientology. To my knowledge, Jesse has never been in that position or group, and I would guess the same is true of you. I’m aware that Jesse had put me in that group, according to what someone had told me, as I said, some months ago, but it is not a group as Jesse describes us, or them, and I think it is unwise to continue to view the group and talk about the group as he has.

I think that that group should be defended if there’s a defense, which I have provided as well as I could, from undeserved disparagement, and I don’t know of others who are standing up for this group at this time. The group certainly includes Paulette Cooper, who settled with the cult in the ‘80’s, in the same era I did. I’m sure she settled to have Scientology’s war on her end, not to be silenced.

Scientology and Scientologists like Marty will say that Paulette sold a piece of her soul, and doubtlessly those people will claim that they bought a piece of her soul. These would-be soul merchants are lying. Don’t buy their lies. Paulette’s soul is intact. My soul is intact. Don’t postulate me with my soul missing pieces, and don’t postulate the rest of Scientology’s victims missing pieces of their souls.

This is not to say that some settling claimants haven’t done evil things, like the Aznarans, who took the cult’s money and ripped off and turned on their attorney and other Scientology victims. But all settling claimants didn’t do such things, and all sorts people have done such things who are unrelated to the Scientology problem.

I would like to know from you who you put in the group of people who settled with Scientology that Jesse is talking about. I’d also, naturally, like to know from him. I think this is a good issue to get out of the way so that Jesse, and, of course, people like yourself who don’t pay much attention to what others tell them but read what actually is and has been written by Jesse, can rethink their unfavorable and unhelpful opinion of this subset of Scientology victims.