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Gerry has written and spoken quite a bit about Mike Rinder, because he was Rinder’s biggest fair game target for so long, and he continues to be a key fair game target. Below are links to some of the materials that inform their relationship, and to the small amount of correspondence between them.

Over all the years Rinder fair gamed Gerry for Scientology, and had been paid by Scientology for that purpose, he wrote and spoke a great deal about Gerry. Almost all of what Rinder has written or said was in secret. Much was black PR. He has never publicly, or to Gerry, disclosed or acknowledged what he did to fair game Gerry or what he has written or said about him.

Since Rinder in recent years has been portraying himself as Scientology tamer or exposer, the absence of his public statements concerning Gerry is actually a revealing factor in their relationship. Rinder is identified as editor of Rathbun’s 2013 book, and Gerry says it forwards the cult’s black PR on him and his attorney Mike Flynn. Rinder was briefly recorded by the German filmmaker Markus Thoess black PRing Gerry. (Video below) He has taken no action that I am aware of to correct the black PR he promulgated, even to the highest levels of government.

Rinder and Gerry really have an extraordinary relationship, which is similar to Gerry’s with Mark Rathbun: the long unrepentant victimizer and his common undying victim. Gerry is not seeking a sense of “closure.” His requests of Mike Rinder are the same as his requests of Mark Rathbun, which are essentially to tell the truth toward correcting ongoing injustices and black propaganda. It very well may be that “closure” is not obtained, but at least justice would have been sought. Right now, Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun do not seek justice for their victims and do not support the people who do seek such justice. The “closure” they apparently seek is our acceptance of the decades long injustices and other crimes they perpetrated against their victims. “Public apologies” without real willingness to do what’s possible to correct the wrongs reduces the “apologies” to further acts of fair game. “May be tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed.”

No Truth from Rinder? No reconcilation. 1

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Thanks Caroline.

What do you think about the idea of having a meeting and airing of all these unspoken of events between Jerry and Mike–and having the event HOSTED and FILMED by someone like Mark Bunker?

It would be a first.

Just speculating, but I would imagine that Jerry would greatly appreciate and enjoy the chance to such a live/recorded forum. I don’t know Mike R., but I can also hope that he too would “bite the bullet” and just get it over with by answering some tough questions and getting it behind him. For Mark Bunker’s part, maybe it is one of the missing ingredients and illuminative sparks to help tie together his long-overdue documentary.

It’s never been done before, a fair gamer talks openly to a fair-gamed.

I know this might be offering unsolicited advice, but it’s “humbly tendered as a gift” and all that……on this planet.

ps: So there is no misunderstanding, I view this cathartic kind of meeting as historical. Not to jam up Mike Rinder in any respect. He has been a spectacularly successful demonstration of escaping the inner core of the diabolical cult. He has disavowed it all and done extraordinary things to expose the abuses, even if you/Jerry are unsatisfied with his not yet providing certain specifics that victimized Jerry. That is understandable. But MR has earned some medals on the way out of the COS (Crimewave of Scn) and perhaps there may be even more medals to be pinned on him before it’s all over. He’s a good man and Jerry’s a good man. It sucks that both got caught in the dark gravity of Hubbard’s hoax.

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Dear HelluvaHoax:

Yes, any meeting between Rinder or Rathbun and me would be a first.

I met them at different times when I was inside Scientology and we all worked openly for Hubbard. I did not work directly with them in the same Sea Org departments, and we did not have remarkable relationships at that time. I knew Rinder back on the “Apollo” in Europe, and I first met Rathbun, I believe, at the La Quinta, California base. Our relationships became remarkable when I blew, Hubbard declared me SP and fair game, and they were assigned as the executioners. That these remarkable relationships have continued over more than thirty years adds remarkableness.

We have not met since they started claiming that they opposed Miscavige, were telling the truth about their antisocial or criminal actions for Hubbard or Miscavige, and at least pretending remorse for their actions that created all their victim-victimizer relationships.

Well that’s not exactly true. Back in 1984, after my LA Superior Court trial, Rinder was claiming to be opposing Miscavige, claiming to be telling the truth about antisocial or criminal actions inside Scientology, and claiming to be afraid of fair game and wanting to end it; and we met at that time. Rinder and his phony group, the “Loyalists,” were claiming that things were so antisocial and criminal inside that they wanted to take control from Miscavige, indeed get him criminally prosecuted.2 Rathbun was then running Rinder as a “Loyalist,” but we did not meet.3

I have written about my meetings with the “Loyalists” in a number of declarations, and testified about them in a number of legal proceedings. This is from a February 20, 1994 declaration, which was filed in the Scientology v. Fishman and Geertz case:

There were many times during this period when I considered the possibility that I was walking into a trap. The thought arose in all my meetings with [David] Kluge, and later with Mike Rinder, the second Loyalist I would meet. Their communications often didn’t jibe with what they or Sherman had said on earlier occasions, and sometimes they said things which were downright stupid.


My first meeting with Kluge was in a cemetery in Glendale. I met him two more times in early November at different locations in Griffith Park, and then met with Rinder two times in late November at two more locations in the park.


Finally the Loyalists said that their legal expert would meet me and a rendezvous was set up, again in Griffith Park. The “legal expert” turned out to be Mike Rinder, a person I had known in the organization, who had held various lower level administrative posts. Rinder, it turned out, also professed ignorance of legal concepts, and my meetings and communications with him were even more frustrating.


During my cross-examination in the spring, 1985 trial of Julie Christofferson v. Scientology, Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, Multnomah County, No. A7704-05184, the organization broke the fact that Sherman, Kluge and Rinder had been covert operatives, the Loyalists were invented, and that my meetings with Kluge and Rinder had been videotaped. The organization called the whole more than two year affair the “Armstrong Operation.” Organization lawyers, Earle Cooley and John Peterson, claimed the Armstrong operation had been authorized by the Los Angeles Police Department, and they produced a letter dated November 7, 1984, a copy of which is appended hereto as Exhibit [B], signed by an officer Phillip Rodriguez, directing organization private investigator Eugene M. Ingram to electronically eavesdrop on me and Michael Flynn.

On April 23, 1985, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates issued a public statement, a copy of which is appended hereto as Exhibit [C], denying that the Rodriguez letter was a correspondence from the Los Angeles Police Department, denying that the Los Angeles Police Department had cooperated with Ingram, and stating emphatically that all purported authorizations directed to Ingram by any member of the Los Angeles Police Department are invalid and unauthorized. On information and belief, the officer, Phillip Rodriguez, who signed Ingram’s letter was paid $10,000.00 for his signature.

Also on information and belief, following a Los Angeles Police Department Internal Affairs Division investigation and a Police Department Board of Rights, Officer Rodriguez was suspended from the Los Angeles Police Force. Eugene Ingram had himself some years before been drummed out of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is reputed to have been busted for pandering and taking payoffs from drug dealers. He is a liar and a bully who has been involved in organization intelligence operations against its perceived enemies for many years. During the period I was involved with the Loyalists Ingram called me at my home and threatened to put a bullet between my eyes.4

The Scientologists and their collaborators have continued to use the poison fruits of Rinder’s meetings with me, which were illegally videotaped, to fair game me. Rinder, et al. also manufactured poison fruit to poison the whole world about me. In this February 22, 1994 declaration, which was also filed in Fishman, I was responding to cult head Miscavige’s personal use of his poisonous fruits:

Mr. Miscavige states that I advise one of his covert operatives to accuse the organization of various criminal acts and when I am told that no evidence exists to support those charges I respond to “just allege it.” (Miscavige Dec. p. 32, l. 5 – l. 8) “Better Basket” describes something of the context in which I make a statement differentiating between “allegations” and “proof.” The operative I’m talking to is Mike Rinder. Before this meeting I had already, on request of the “Loyalists,” provided them with a “bare bones” draft of a complaint. Complaints contain allegations. Complaints do not contain proof. Rinder, who had been represented to me as the Loyalists’ “best legal mind” couldn’t seem to get the distinction between allegations and proof in the complaint, and I was frustrated in our conversation because he seemed so dense. Now, of course, his denseness is fully understandable. He had to appear stupid and had to deny that there was any “proof” of the sort of allegations that would be made in a complaint because he knew he was being recorded on a videotape which was going to be used to attack, and if possible destroy me. Even what the organization has done to me alone (see, e.g., crimes listed by Judge Breckenridge and the list in paragraph 7 above) is enough for actual true-hearted reformers to bring a lawsuit to take control of the organization from the criminals now in charge.5

This past October, someone on Rathbun’s blog posted the same Rinder-Miscavige just-allege-it line, and I wrote a response:

The Scientologists and their collaborators have been using this statement out of context for black PR purposes for over thirty years. They have used it into the US Congress, into the US Intelligence Community, into the IRS to get their unlawful and undeserved tax exemption, into court cases, into media, into governments around the world. They still use it.

The person I was talking to when the “allege it” words were used was Mike Rinder. Below are excerpts from two declarations I wrote in 1994 to provide the context and facts.

Just like Rathbun, Rinder has never told the truth about this covert operation, known as the Armstrong Op.1 Just like Rathbun, Rinder has never come clean or told the truth about what he did in service of Hubbard and Miscavige to victimize good people who stood up to his cult’s lies and predations. Just like Rathbun, Rinder has never corrected the vicious black propaganda he generated and disseminated, and had others disseminate.

Just like Rathbun, Rinder’s black PR continues. They are both black propagandists. Rinder was Rathbun’s editor for his 2013 book that continues the criminal framing of my attorney Michael Flynn and me.

Just like Rathbun, Rinder has shown zero remorse for the evil he did in service of Hubbard and Miscavige. Instead, just like Rathbun, Rinder has carried on bullying. Just like Rathbun, Rinder has tried to become the opposition to Scientology, just as he claimed to be during the Armstrong Op. He and his co-conspirators claimed they knew Miscavige is a criminal and they wanted to get him jailed and Scientology reformed.

All the support and kudos Rinder has received as a whistleblower and as someone “bringing down the cult” is disgusting. If he really wanted to bring it down, or correct injustices, or confront Miscavige, he would tell the truth about all the victimizing he did or knows about, all the lies he told, all the injustices he perpetrated. Just like Rathbun, he hasn’t.6

I think it’s correct to classify it as cosmic irony that the truth Rinder was pretending to be telling in 1984, but, truthfully, lying about, is precisely the truth he is pretending to be telling, but truthfully not, in 2016: fraud, crimes, abuses, rights violations, in fact hate crimes, fair game he knows about. If he had been truthful back in 1984, thirty-two more years of fraud, crimes, abuses, rights violations, misery, threat, etc. could have been avoided. Millions of years of human lives would not have been wasted. He possessed enough truth no later than 1984. After that, he only learned more truth of more fraud, crimes, abuses, rights violations, misery, threat, etc. At no time did Scientology work as advertised, for him or anyone else. He never encountered one fact that justified the fraud, crimes, abuses, rights violations, misery, threat, etc. His thirty plus years of effort to find or manufacture justifications is more fair game.

Even now, the fraud, crimes, abuses, rights violations, misery, threat, etc. could be stopped. The clear conclusion is that Rinder and Rathbun wanted their positions where, with the millions extracted from defrauded people, they could commit crimes against people, abuse them, violate their rights, cause them misery, threaten them, control them. They had to hire conscienceless PIs and lawyers, not conscienceful ones. Rathbun and Rinder needed the cult conspiracy to survive so they could have those positions and power. Rinder says he took fifty to a hundred beatings from Miscavige, just to be able to keep doing his job. Twenty years of his job, he says, was running OSA, a key component in the criminal conspiracy against persons and rights. He had to have been uptone and winning on post all those years. Fair gaming people, conspiring against their persons and rights, punishing people, was a game to Rinder.

The argument I had for Rinder in 1984 to his lie that there was no proof is also cosmically ironic:

Even what the organization has done to me alone (see, e.g., crimes listed by Judge Breckenridge and the list in paragraph 7 above) is enough for actual true-hearted reformers to bring a lawsuit to take control of the organization from the criminals now in charge.

It is true today. Even what Rinder, Rathbun, Miscavige, et al. have done to me alone is enough for true-hearted people to take control of the organization from the criminals now in charge.

Yet another item in this cosmic irony, and historic irony as well, is that I was the guy in 1984 who was asking Rinder for the truth, and not accepting his lies that he had told it. Same thing in 2016; here I am asking him for the truth, and not accepting his lies that he has told it. I had to deal with his 1984 lies, and write about them, and I’m still dealing with them, and dealing with thirty-two more years of his lying, and, as I’m doing now, still writing about it all.

Just as in 1984, and in the intervening years, there are all sorts of people now who support Rinder lying and not telling the truth. Certainly David Miscavige supports these actions or inactions, just as he did in 1984. All Scientologists, Miscavigeite or Nonmiscavigeite, appear to want what Rinder has been delivering: not telling the truth — the truth, that is, which would foster justice and reconciliation. He also has his supporters among avowed wogs, just as he had from 1984 forward. It is probable that there are even wogs who support him not telling the truth, but aren’t aware that he is serving the Miscavigeite Scientologists’ malignant purposes toward their victims. Perhaps some wogs find this reality that Rinder is still serving these dastardly purposes unconfrontable.

In this modern era, in large part because of Loyalist Op One, however, since Rathbun and Rinder have been on Loyalist Op Redux, a meeting with them would be a first.

I would think that media could be interested in any revelation from Rathbun and Rinder about the criminal conspiracy they served and serve, just because of the unambiguous fact they have not revealed anything about it. Even what the conspiracy did and tried to do just to me, one of the world’s average SPs, is one hell of a story.

Media appear to be bullied or bamboozled into not taking up at all what Rinder and Rathbun did to their fair game victims, so a whole media event devoted to exploring that specific, and dramatic, topic would be a quantum first.

Actually, in My Scientology Movie, Louis Theroux asked Rathbun in the most general terms about his role in fair gaming people. Rathbun flashed out his menacing hate-hold beingness, and Theroux I think backed off, with, obviously, some good footage in hand.

Oh yeah, in 2011, Markus Thöß famously asked Rinder about me while filming him. This was not even about what Rinder had done to me, but just for his opinion of me as a past and present Scientology target. Including a long pause to gather his thoughts, everything Rinder would say was under thirty seconds.7 Then, apparently, not only dependent Scientologists but independent ones refused to talk to Thöß or help him with his documentaries if he related amicably to me.

In June 2015 at the Toronto Scientology event, Tony Ortega said that he had talked to Rinder “a little bit about the Gerry Armstrong operation,” and that he’d “like to write a story about that.” I did not pursue the matter, and if Rinder and Ortega did talk about me, it might have been quite a bit earlier. Here is a video clip with transcript from the brief exchange I had with Ortega:

GA: My question is really to Tony. And that is:

You have … you know, Rathbun is one of your sources. Rinder is one of your sources.  Two or three years ago, in speaking to me, you said, you know, “Be patient, I’m going to talk to these guys.” You probably you remember then.

TO: No, I didn’t.

GA: Okay. About the Gerry Armstrong case.

TO: Oh, right.

GA:  About their fair gaming of me…

TO: Yeah.

GA:  about acts against me, which, significantly, in this age, includes what they filed in the IRS. So my question is to you what have they said about this?

TO: Yeah. I have talked to Rinder a little bit about the Gerry Armstrong operation. I’d like to write a story about that . It’s … You have been very patient Gerry, and I’d like to get into that.

As far as Rathbun and the IRS, I agree with you. I think Marty Rathbun writing … because remember you know it was the October 1993 event that was featured in Going Clear where you see David Miscavige bragging about him and Rathbun walking into the IRS office. So if there’s anybody that should have some influence on peeling back that decision, you would think it would be Marty Rathbun.

I think Marty’s in a really interesting transition moment right now. He didn’t even come to New York for publicity on that movie. I think he’s got to the point now where he’s feeling a little overwhelmed and is backing…

I am having a hard time even getting him on the phone right now. So I think he’s having some… I think he’s rethinking exactly what his role is going to be. I think it would be great if he was to talk to the IRS.

The “two or three years ago, in speaking to me,” referred to communications Ortega and I had, almost all by email I believe, in the first part of 2013. He said he was going to talk to Rathbun and Rinder about their relationship with me, and it was clear he hadn’t by then. His talking to Rinder about what he understood to be the Gerry Armstrong operation had to be after that. 8

I had no further communication with Ortega concerning him talking to Rathbun or Rinder until I spoke up at the 2015 Toronto event and asked him what they had said about my litigation, fair game, the black PR to the IRS, etc.

In May 2013, of course, Rathbun published Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior, which Rinder edited, and which largely repeated the same lies and black PR about the Armstrong Operation they had disseminated as hardcore admitted Miscavigeite fair gamers.

Both Rathbun and Rinder know that there are significant falsehoods, omissions and semantic trickery in their account of the op in Memoirs. They also both know that in Memoirs and elsewhere they serve malignant Miscavigeite purposes toward their SP victims.

In March 2015, I wrote to Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright and Paul Haggis, who, in a TimesTalks discussion called out Tom Cruise and John Travolta to get Miscavige to answer his accusers, and I asked Gibney, Wright and Haggis to call out Rinder and Rathbun to answer their accusers, inter alios, me. The issue, as stated by Wright in the discussion, is the same for me, “abuses that are going on inside Scientology.” Because the key abuses are going on outside Scientology by Scientology insiders, I state it differently, but I seek the same thing: the ending and remedy of the abuses. Gibney, Wright and Haggis were in a position to call out Rinder and Rathbun, and Rinder and Rathbun are in a position to do something effective, if they answered their accusers; that is, told the truth. Obviously Gibney, Wright and Haggis did not really want to get those abuses addressed, even the crimes that involved the US Government and resulted in the IRS tax exemption.9

I noted in my review of Steve Cannane’s recent Fair Game:

Although the book is about “fair game,” and Rinder is a major contributor to the book, there is no mention of his fair game against his victims. There is no evidence he was asked about such actions, no challenge to his assertion or intimation that he and the new regime did not engage in illegal activities, and no question of his aghastness.10

I have seen nothing in the Scientology and the Aftermath series so far that indicates Leah Remini has asked Rinder what he did to wogs like me. I have not seen where she reached out to any of his victims, except perhaps for John Sweeney who is a sort of beard victim for Rinder.

Remini and her researchers had to have known that his biggest longest victim was broadcasting, rather trenchantly, that Rinder had not told the truth despite my urging him to. She and her researchers had to know I was broadcasting, without a word of counter-argument from him, that he is still serving Miscavige’s purposes toward his victims. It seems to me that because of Remini’s at least asserted relationship with the Scientologists, Rinder had a legal duty to divulge to her the fact that he still serves these purposes, and that his black PR of good people on behalf of the Scientologists still abounds.

In Episode 3,11 Remini did ask him the ultimate softball question about his past actions, and, although he lied (which used to be taboo in PR) his “no-answer” is revealing.

LR: Have you made peace with all of it? Like all the stuff that you did?

MR: In general terms yes. It, it still, if I come across someone, an individual who has an individual story and they say, “Well did you know that X, Y and Z was happening? Or this happened to me? Or that happened to me?

Often times, I have no personal involvement or knowledge of what it was that happened. But still I’m sorta like–

LR: You feel somewhat responsible?

MR: Yeah, exactly.

LR: Yeah.

MR: I feel like I, I owe them an apology. But interestingly, for the most part, not a single person has ever been bitter like ah,

LR: Yes. I understand what you’re saying. Like towards, like you, “You f-ked me man.” You…

MR: Exactly. No, it’s like “Yeah, you were part of the, you were part of the same thing that I was a part of. And you know, I understand.”

I was part of Scientology like Rinder. I was part of the Sea Org like Rinder. And, I probably have as adequate an understanding of Scientology and the Sea Org as the next guy. Nevertheless, I speak up for justice and for truth. My understanding, in fact, leads me to oppose Rinder and expose him for not being responsible, and for continuing to victimize good people for base reasons.

I was not part of the same criminal conspiracy Rinder was, and is, part of. It is not necessary to be part of a criminal conspiracy, of course, to understand it.

It is interesting that none of Rinder’s victims are bitter. By this he acknowledges that they are astonishingly good people. They are nonetheless his victims. There is no need for bitterness even when someone victimizes you for more than thirty years as Rinder has victimized me. There is no need for bitterness to pursue truth and justice even if Rinder refuses to give. There is no need for bitterness to stand up to, call out, debunk, and even censure him.

Remini did state that she wanted to help the Scientologists’ victims, and she lamented that she had no way. If Mike Rinder told the truth — not the scripted, generalized, post-truth truth12 that she facilitated – a lot of victims would be helped. There is hardly any cost involved. It will bring about reconciliation. Because of her stated desire, she might use her celebrity megaphone and status to get him to do the right and honest thing.

It appeared to me that Remini was sincere in her intentions and her relationship with the Scientologists, and she was not aware that Rinder was zooming her. She did acknowledge being zoomed for years by Scientologist liars, and then realizing they were lying; so maybe she will get she’s still being zoomed by the same liar. “I ran OSA for twenty years,” “I have no personal involvement or knowledge of what it was that happened,” Zoom. About his victims: “I feel like I, I owe them an apology.” If he apologized to all the people he owed an apology to, he wouldn’t feel like he owed one. An apology without truth, of course, is scorn. An apology without justice is sadism.

There is a huge difference between the knowledge an insider like Rinder had and the knowledge a non-insider like Remini had. His hat and job included lying to her and keeping her ignorant of the criminal conspiracy in which he operated. She did not have the hat and job of keeping him ignorant. He is still keeping her ignorant of his conspiracy against persons and rights.

The millions Remini forked over to the Scientologists paid Rinder and OSA’s wages and hired them conscienceless PIs and attorneys to fair game wogs like me. Rinder knew but she didn’t. He used her celebrity as cover for his fair gaming and as a lure for more celebrities and more money to keep fair game working.

To his victims, who know he has not reached out to them, or told the truth to them, or done anything to make them whole, or lifted a finger to end ongoing injustices, or correct black PR, he comes across not just as a liar but a bully. Because of his inaction for his victims, when he claims that he ran fair game and that when someone was to be destroyed he did it, he comes across like a thug gangster boasting. Rathbun on many occasions sounds the same. Without telling the truth and helping his victims, Rinder benefiting now from all his victimizing smacks shamelessly of Son of Sam. In his role in the Aftermath series, without coming clean, he stinketh.

So the story of Rathbun and Rinder’s relationships with me is virtually untouched by the media. Yet it involves a criminal conspiracy against persons and rights and reaches into principalities and powers. Rathbun, Rinder, and their superiors — Hubbard and Miscavige — occupied high places and engaged not just in secular lawfare or wordly persecution but in spiritual wickedness. They all sought power, grabbed power, flowed power to power, and used their power for evil, the destruction of good people. Although my relationships with Rathbun and Rinder are long and complex, require a lot of reading and understanding, including legal documents, if they are to be understood, and although these remarkable relationships are desecrated by disinformation and other social engineering actions and black PRed as repulsive or toxic, they are a real opportunity for a smart writer or filmmaker who can parse byzantine intelligence campaigns and stand up to fairly sophisticated material and spiritual villainy.

Funny, sort of out of the blue, on Christmas Day Markus Thöß emailed me and said that NOBODY is willing to talk about Rinder as OSA boss, and everybody is hiding behind fatuous excuses for his ongoing, unforthcoming, Miscavige-serving actions. Thöß has been making documentaries for several years on a number of Scientology-related deaths and other topics, and apparently has spoken to everyone imaginable to try to get them to talk about Rinder. Thöß stressed that NOBODY would speak out about what Rinder did — not Rinder himself, and not even me. “Somehow or other,” Thöß also got the false idea that I had no evidence of what Rinder had done.

Obviously, since Rinder is afraid, for whatever reason, to tell the truth about what he did while in the Miscavigeite conspiracy, it falls to others to do their best to tell it, and if others are really afraid to tell the truth, it falls to me. It is no secret that I have spoken out about what Rinder did, and I am as willing as ever to tell the truth I know. It would be better, I think, for a number of reasons if Rinder spoke up himself and detailed what he did, and I have urged him to do so and given him endless opportunities. Whether he ever does is in God’s Great Hands.

I have never itemized what he did or had done to me, but I have identified certain areas or times in our relationship that are factually significant, and I have overwhelming evidence of antisocial and criminal actions of his when he openly worked for Hubbard and Miscavige. I also have a stack of the black, uncorrected, unrepented propaganda he spreads in service of their criminal purposes and conspiracy. I don’t think I ever had seen Rinder’s time as OSA head pinned down as precisely as Steve Cannane got it in Fair Game a few months back.

Shortly after being involved in the cleanout of the Guardian’s Office, Rinder became the head of the new Office of Special Affairs. It was a position he would hold for close to 20 years.


By early 2004, Mike Rinder had fallen out of favour with Scientology’s leader. According to Rinder, Miscavige was upset at how he and other Scientology executives handled a special New Year’s event.

The GO cleanout was over in 1983, meaning Rinder’s claimed or reported stretch as OSA head was until 2003. He would have been let into the conspiracy by 1983, maybe earlier. His status in the conspiracy changed in 2003, as it has changed many times over the years, but his participation in the conspiracy, to the extent of serving its malevolent purposes toward its victims, has continued to this day.

Thöß said that the truth needs to be told about Rinder, and other similarly placed insiders, who, Thöß observes, tell little bits but never tell the whole truth. So there is this scintilla of media interest in what Rinder did to his victims. Now that he has been able to parlay his career criminally victimizing people into documentary stardom, there might be a smart, courageous journalist or filmmaker who dares to ask. Obviously, a bigger-they-are syndrome could also be in play and out of everyone else’s hands in Rinder’s, and Rathbun’s, and Miscavige’s relationships with their victims and their admiring publics.

The media can get interested and write about Rinder and Rathbun’s relationship with me without them ever having to meet me. Mark Bunker or other media people can communicate any time with ideas, questions, etc.

There could be a place for public meetings or debates or filming, and, without seeing a proposal, I have no opposition. In 2013, I did get, I’d say, Rathbun’s agreement to debate me, but he rabbited after I submitted my opening statement. The debate was not about his fair gaming me, however, but concerned his antisocial vilification of the Suppressive Person class and misrepresentation of the SP doctrine in Memoirs.13

I am not going to enter the US until I know that any orders for my arrest have been cancelled or a smart, honest attorney takes my case and we challenge the existing court orders.

I am free to meet anywhere in Canada, or perhaps somewhere in Europe. Germany probably deserves a debate between Rathbun and Rinder and me, and definitely deserves to know the details of the fair game actions they took in the country during their time as international conspiracy bosses. I did talk about their relationship with me to a group of people in Berlin in 2011. 14

Maybe the Russians would be up for hosting such a public media event. They have shown a continuing interest in my experiences and knowledge generally, and my relationship with Hubbard; but have not gotten into my relationship with Rathbun and Rinder, the “independents,” and what presents in the American milieu as the opposition to Scientology. The Russians should have an interest because of the IRS fraud, the human rights violations, the US Intelligence Community’s knowledge of Scientology crimes and human rights violations, religious freedom, religion serving the US’s intelligence interests, State Department complicity, the black propaganda, Rathbun and Rinder’s Department 20 goals and functions inside and “outside,” and the list goes on. It is with good reason that the US is known today as the Scientology of nations.

For language and cost considerations, however, I suggest Canada, and further suggest Vancouver, BC.

Meeting up with Rathbun or Rinder for a media event is not, however, what my focus or goal necessarily is regarding them, or rather what broadly I am suggesting to them.

Where their words are requested is in a legal proceeding in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. That is, their words would be sworn to, so they would understand the truth being asked of them. Ideally, their words should be in answer to well-formulated questions from persons who understand evidentiary matters and the relevant legal issues. So probably smart, courageous attorneys.

I already know a great deal about what was done to me during the periods when Rathbun and Rinder say they ran fair game for Hubbard and Miscavige, and I have documented much of that. I have an understanding of their public statements since claiming to no longer be fair gamers for Hubbard or Miscavige, and I can access much of the public record they have made. I know what to ask them to get the details of their attitudes, intentions and actions, and would be as able as anyone to discern truth or lies in what they say.

I necessarily must concentrate on Rathbun and Rinder’s fair game on me, black PR about me, legal matters concerning me. For everyone, however, Scientology is ripe for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I’ll write something about this separately.

Rathbun and Rinder’s legal and extralegal fair game on me is not at all just personal. Key matters in this long campaign are of great public concern; e.g., the IRS tax exemption, the International Religious Freedom Act, the ongoing suppression of human rights on a massive scale. Their actions toward me concern others, and the truth that they can tell has the potential to free other people, even Scientologists. They are both fully aware that their not telling the truth keeps people trapped, to some degree in their control. 15

I am simply asking Rinder and Rathbun to tell the simple truth, the time, place, form and event of what they did and had done to me and their other SP targets. That is a debrief, which Rinder and Rathbun are familiar with. They have debriefed others and been debriefed themselves many times.

Consider that they debriefed to Miscavige untold times about what they did and had done to me, their victim, and their other victims, but they will not now debrief to the victims or to help the victims. Rathbun and Rinder know what “time, place, form and event” means, and have probably demoed it a dozen times. They still serve Miscavige and they know it and justify it. They bamboozled people inside and they’re bamboozling people outside.

In a way, because of the antisocial or criminal nature of their history that they are being asked to debrief about, which has been in service of criminal, sadistic masters, this would be to Rathbun and Rinder a lot like spies going over to the enemy side and debriefing to the enemy they had previously spied on, vilified, attacked and tried to destroy.

If those spies do not go over to the enemy and do not debrief to assist their victims or targets, those spies serve their former masters’ current purposes, which can be malevolent. That is the condition Rathbun and Rinder are in.

As you can imagine, a media event with media goals is less conducive to obtaining the truth and reaching reconciliation, than a simple interview room in which the truth is told and reconciliation starts. If that happens, media contacts and events logically follow.

But if anyone in the media wants to do something for Rathbun and Rinder’s victims, who are legion, before they tell the truth or debrief about all their victimizing, I would not object.