Open letter to Tom Cruise, Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary

April 9, 2008

Dear Mr. Cruise:

As the putative second in command of the Scientology religion or organization, and as ecclesiastical head David Miscavige’s best friend, or vice versa, you are very aware of who I am. You are also aware of the Scientology v. Gerry Armstrong contract and injunction, and you are aware of the actions to enforce them over the past many years.

You cannot but know that you have been a beneficiary in the contract and injunction since the first time you volunteered years ago to do anything for any Scientology or Scientology affiliated church, organization or entity. According to the Morton biography, your volunteerism starts in the late 1980’s, not long after Mr. Miscavige mocked up the Scientology v. Armstrong contract and made volunteers beneficiaries.

If Scientologists aren’t being forced to do whatever they do in Scientology, as opposed, for example, to Scientologist RPF assignees who are forced to do the RPF, then the unforced Scientologists are volunteers. If the volunteers get paid, they become another beneficiary category, for example “employees.” The Miscavige regimers, who concocted the contract and injunction, don’t always immediately inform volunteers that they have become beneficiaries, because the purpose of these documents or fatwas is so blatantly evil.

The purpose, as I keep pointing out, without rational argument or disagreement from any beneficiaries, is the suppression and destruction of basic human rights. Very probably the regimers didn’t tell you, when you began doing whatever you’ve done voluntarily in Scientology, that you had also been made such a beneficiary to such evil.

You are now, of course, a representative and a de facto agent, which are two other beneficiary categories. “Ambassador” is not a specific Scientology v. Armstrong beneficiary category, but is included in the more embracive beneficiary category of “representative,” even within the OT Ambassadors’ definition for yourselves. Your wife Katie Holmes should be told that she is a beneficiary.

Last week, I wrote a letter to all the beneficiaries requesting that you all remove yourself as beneficiaries in the contract and injunction and the enforcement efforts. I have even provided a Beneficiary Removal Form to facilitate the beneficiary removal process. The purpose of this letter is to ask you to remove yourself as a beneficiary.

I have also written today to Mr. Miscavige as beneficiary head to urge him to come to his senses and stop contracting all the beneficiaries, you included, to the global suppression and destruction of basic human rights. As I mentioned, he has tried to prevent many beneficiaries from finding out they’re beneficiaries. I’m sure you would agree that he would never be so uncompassionate, however, that he would stop you, especially since you’ve become his best friend, or vice versa, and his number two in Scientology, from finding out you’re a beneficiary.

Because of your intimate relationship with Mr. Miscavige, and because of your statements I know of that have been made public, I can only conclude that you are a beneficiary at cause. You causatively seek the benefits being a beneficiary confers on you, which are specifically the suppression and destruction of my basic human rights specifically, and potentially everyone’s human rights. You are not a spectator, and have even asserted that you had cancelled spectatorism in your area.

Because the Scientology v. Armstrong contract and injunction and enforcement efforts bind all the beneficiaries to deprive their victims of their human rights in violation of US civil rights criminal statutes and international human rights charters, the beneficiaries, including you, comprise a criminal conspiracy. Because you are aware you are a beneficiary, and causatively support and seek the suppression and destruction of human rights, I conclude you are a criminal at cause, which is the state of OT.

Even though Mr. Miscavige, you, certainly all your fellow OTs in the world, and your fellow Miscavige regimers, are at cause beneficiaries, your individual and joint intention, program and actions, to enforce the Scientology v. Armstrong contract and injunction and obtain those benefits, are total failures. These documents’ purpose of suppressing and destroying human rights is not just evil but also utterly miscarried and bootless. You do not even get the benefit that being a suppressor and destroyer of human rights often gains such suppressors and destroyers, the suppression and destruction of human rights. Thank God and thank everyone you fail to suppress or destroy that this is so.

You get to be known as a rich guy dramatizing the global and fascistic evil purpose of suppressing and destroying human rights, and failing. And it’s your intended victims, right now, here, in present time, who bring your intention, which is every beneficiary’s intention, into view and public consciousness. You are at the effect of me and every person on earth who would act in concert with me by not being suppressed or destroyed by you.

If you removed yourself as beneficiary, you really could cause something, because other beneficiaries, even celebrity Scientologist beneficiaries, could follow your example and remove themselves as beneficiaries. When all the beneficiaries remove themselves, Scientology’s evil purpose will disappear, or be erased. And those former at-cause suppressors and destroyers of human rights will cause the extension and creation of human rights.

I’m not sure how best to get a letter to you, so I’ll make this an open letter and disseminate it as broadly as reasonable to make sure you get it.

Yours knowingly,

Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6