Stoffel Letter to Pastor Gandow

since 1972 distributed by the Scientology Church

c/o SKD, e.V.
Beichstr. 12
80802 Muenchen

24 September 2002

Reverend Thomas Gandow
Representative for Issues of
Sects and Weltanschauung
of the Evangelical Church
Heimat 27

14165 Berlin
Telefax 0 30/84 50 96 40

Subject: Minton and his former US Trust

Dear Reverend Gandow,

Thank you for your prompt answer of September 20, 2002 and regret that you were not ready to answer our questions of September 18, 2002. We will of course take your response into consideration accordingly. However, we have further questions for you and would welcome it if you would find time to answer.

1. What legal relationship does the entity of the Dialog Zentrum Berlin have to the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg? Can the Dialog Zentrum be described as being part of the State Chnurch, or is it organizationally and financially independent on a footing separate from the State Church?

2. Is the donations bank account of the Dialog Zentrum Berlin an account for which the State Church has deposit and withdrawal rights, or are these rights yours alone?

3. Is Heimat 27 in Berlin, where you reside, the property of the State Church or is it in your private possession?

4. Is it true that Mr. Armstrong, a refugee from US justice, has found a new home in your Heimat 27 and is being provided with accommodations there? If yes, since when has he been there?

5. Is he registered there?

6. If yes, by what means is his livelihood provided?
a) From the budget of the Dialog Zentrum?
b) From possible employment with the Zentrum?
c) From past donations from the since dissolved LMT’s or from past loans on the part of Mr. Minton?

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7. Was Armstrong’s possible accommodations at Heimat 27 made at the initiative of Mrs. Caberta during your last meeting together in Leipzig?

8. What is your position to the fact that Armstrong first fled US justice into Canada and is possibly staying with you in Berlin?

In anticipation until the coming Wednesday of your civil answer, 6 p.m., we remain

Very truly yours,

Georg Stoffel

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