Talk at Kolomna Orthodox Theological Seminary (September 9, 2013)

Gerald Armstrong at Kolomna Orthodox Theological Seminary1

On September 9 in the auditorium of the Kolomna Orthodox Theological Seminary, a meeting was held with Gerald Armstrong, who in 1969-1981 was personal secretary and archivist to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the totalitarian cult “Church of Scientology.”

The meeting began with an introduction by Priestmonk Seraphim (Golovanov), vice-rector for education at Kolomna Orthodox Theological Seminary.

The visitor from Canada spoke about his years in Scientology, what he did, how he managed to break free from the cult, and the harassment to which he is subjected today by the Scientologists. Gerald Armstrong also answered numerous questions from an engaged audience, among whom were members of the seminary’s administration, faculty, students and guests.

A group photograph was taken after the conclusion of the discussion, which lasted about 3 hours.


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