The Emmons Report: Chronological Events

Title: *** The Emmons Report: Chronological Events
Author: (Mark Dallara)
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 01:07:28 GMT

This is yet another document from the $cientology files of the Clearwater
Police Department, requested, received, scanned, and OCR'd.  I have only
proofread the report designations, so that people can correctly identify
them when making public records requests.  Quite a few individual reports
are specified and described, and some of them would make extremely
interesting reading.  There are probably quite a few OCR errors, that will
eventually be cleaned up when this gets webbed.

As I stated in another thread, I'm willing to maintain a list of requested
items to maximize efficiency and minimize cost, if y'all would like to
keep me updated on what you're requesting, and when you receive it.



On January 5, 1981, Sid Klein was installed as Chief of Police,
Clearwater, Florida.

In February of 1981, Sgt. Emmons was transferred to the Vice and
Intelligence Unit replacing Sgt. Morse.  During the month of February,
Sgt. Emmons met with Chief Klein on several occasions discussing the
current investigations of the Vice and Intelligence Unit.  Among the many
topics discussed was the Scientology organization.  Chief Klein inquired
as to the status of the Scientology investigation.  I (Sgt. Emmons)
explained to Chief Klein, the Clearwater Police Department acted as a
clearinghouse for offense reports concerning the Scientology organization.
These reports were channeled to the State Attorney's Office for actual
investigation.  I told Chief Klein this procedure was established through
our predecessors, Chief Daniels and Sgt. Morse.  I was unaware of the
current status of the investigation.  I did, however, inform Chief Klein
about some Grand Jury proceedings which happened prior to the Chief's
current appointment, i.e., the proceedings involving Milt Wolfe, a former
Scientology official.  Chief Klein gave me several file folders which were
housed in the Chief of Police Offices at the Clearwater Police Department.
Chief Klein instructed me to start a Clearwater Police Department active
file on Scientology and to keep myself and the Chief advised on all the
current activities of Scientology.  This was the beginning of the active
and current investigation into the Scientology organization and its
attendant practices.

During most of the year of 1981, I monitored the activities of the
Scientology organization along with my other assigned duties as Super-
visor in charge of the Vice and Intelligence Unit.  The following reports
were taken by the Vice and Intelligence Unit involving Scientology.  Many
other reports were taken by the Patrol Division involving Scientology.
These reports are not included in this report due to the nature of the
information, (public records incident of a routine nature, i.e.,
vandalism, harassments, etc.).  These reports are not germane to the
issues and objectives of this report.

SR3.1 RP-1       Oct. 20. 1981

Private investigators hired by the Scientology organization. This report
was taken by Det. J. Kronschnabl and is in reference to private
investigators, john Russell of Russell and Associates of Tampa and Mr.
Alan Nicola of Nicola Investigations of Lake Wales, Florida.  According to
the complaintant, a private investigator named John Weigel Detective
Agency, Tampa, the above-named agencies
were hired by the Scientology organization to do background investigations
on Mayor LeCher, Richard, Tenney, Alex Cornell, and Chief Klein.


Jan. 22, 1982.  Report Number SR3.1 RW-3, Report by R. Emmons.

This report concerns itself with a woman named Marjorie Wakefield.  Ms.
Wakefield wanted to cooperate with local officials and give them
information about the Scientology organization and her adventures as a

The State Attorney's officials present were skeptical of Ms. Wakefield's
motives in coming forward about Scientology information.

During this meeting, I, (Sgt. Emmons) asked Assistant State's Attorney,
Paul Meissner, about getting past Clearwater Police Department reports
concerning Scientology to place in our files as the police department did
not normally keep these reports in the past as they were ~irectly routed
to the State Attorney's Office.  Mr. Meissncr stated he would have to
check with his suoerior, James T.
Russell, for clearance.  At a later date, Mr. Meissner told me I could
review any Clearwater Police Department reports housed at State Attorney's
Office.  This review would consist of taking notes from specific reports
relating to specific incidents.  I could not copy these reports due to the
restrictions of the Public Information Law.

Feb. 10, 1982, Report Number SR3.1 RW-4, a report by R. Emmons. 

This report is about vandalism to Marjorie Wakefield's apartment and some
general information concerning her departure from Scientology.

May 13, 1982, Report Number SR3.1 RRV-1, a report by R. Emmons.

This report is about a supposed Scientology operative following Ms.
Lavinda Van Schaick from Clearwater to Seattle, Washington.  Scientology
operatives also supposedly attempted to check Ms. Van Schaick's sister,
Lisa Rico, out of the University of Washington Mental Health Center.  The
Seattle Police Department, a Sgt. D.J. Oliver, was contacted by Sgt.
Emmons for assistance.

Report and Memo Number SR3.1 MH-2

These reports and memos are about underage children working at the
Scientology Headquarters and other health and safety violations.

The first half of this report is an interview conducted by Sgt. R. Emmons
with Building and Fire Officials of the City of Clearwater.

The Fire Officials and Building Inspectors observed many children working
in the chase ways at the Ft. Harrison.

An administrative search warrant was conducted on the Ft. Harrison of the
28th of June, 1982.  Violations of building codes and fire hazards were
cited.  The Scientologv organization was given time to correct these code
violation, which according to Building and Fire Officials, they ultimately
compiied with.

July 12, 1982.  Report and Memo Number, SR3.1 MH2c

This report is a summary of the effort by the City of Clearwater and its
officials to enforce health, safety, and public housing ordinances and
state statutes.

The report also details meetings with Dr. Wella Brown, Director of the
Pinellas County Health Department, and her Legal Assistant, Helen Hobbs.

July 1, 1982, Report Number SR3.1 MH2b

This is a report by R. Emmons reference suspected Child Labor Laws
violations by the Scientology organization.  The permission letter to the
State Attorney's Office from the Department of Labor,  State of Florida,
to investigate Child Labor Law violations.

Nov. 1, 1982, Report Number SR3.1 RN-1, by L.R. White concerning interview
with two Scientologists (R. Emmons present)

Two Scientologists, Linda Ann Nix and Lilli Katechis, report housing and
living conditions within the Scientology organization.  They further
report false promises and false statements made to them to come to
Clearwater, Fla.  Both subjects just wanted to leave Scientology and
return home to California without problems.

Dec. 20, 1982, Report Number SR3.1 RI-4, by Lt. Richard White.

This report is concerning unusual phone calls and other occurrences to
Constance ILiSby) Phillips, fiance of City Commissioner, James Calderbank.


Feb. 24, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RV-2, XO Treasure Island P.D. Report

This report is concerning Linda Van Schaick's dog being placed in the
trunk of her car.

Mar. 21, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-lb), investigative summary.

On the 21st of March, 1983, this investigator was assigned to a "Task
Force" composing of members from the State Attorney's Office, the Florida
Dept, of Law Enforcement, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and the
Clearwater Police Dept.  This task force was ultimately dissolved in Oct.
of 1983.

During my tenure, (Lt. Emmons), on this task force, I was assigned to
collating and interpreting Scientology documents, in addition to other
assigned tasks.

Mar. 21-25, 1983, Report Numbers SR3.1 RT A-1, SR3.1 RT A-2, SR3.1 RT A-8.

During the first week of my (Lt. Emmons) assignment to the State
Attorney's Office investigating Scientology, I was assigned to draft
questions that were to be used in the Jocelyn and Jerry Armstrong
interview process.  These interviews yielded a great deal of information
concerning financial transactions and fraudulent practices.

In Marie King's synopsis of the G. Armstrong testimony, page 3 is a
statement of facts.  Ms. King states these are facts of fraud and

To date, Jan. 14, 1985, these facts as stated by ~s. King have not been
acted upon.

May 1983, Report NumSer SR3.1 R (J-1)

This report is a sumn~ary of purposed investigative techniques which cou:d
Se employed to ~onitor the activities of the Scientology organization.
This report was composed by it. Emmons.

During the assignment, two witnesses were brought to Clearwater for
testimony, Jocelyn and Jerry Armstrong.  These witnesses testified to a
great many financial transactions in addition to other Scientology
practices which appear to be fraudulent.

An attempt was made by this writer to have the State Attorney's Office
file a formal motion to retrieve various incriminating documents in the
Church of Scientology vs. Gerald Armstrong Case in Los Angeles.  The State
Attorney's Office did not agree with this writer's, Lt. Emmons, assessment
of how to obtain these beforementioned documents from the L.A. Court
System via the motion process and the matter was dropped.

Also during this timeframe, discussions were held with James Barton,
Hssistant to the Attorney General of the State of Florida, reference the
Florida R.I.C.O. Statutes.  Mr. Barton was very reluctant to pursue
R.I.C.O. violations involving the Scientology organization because of
prosecution jurisdictional problems and First Amendment considerations.

A meeting was conducted with Federal Prosecuting Attorney, John
Fitzgibbons, and F.B.I., George Kraut and this writer, (Lt. Emmons).  At
this meeting, the Federal people were presented with documents and other
materials involving Scientology.  Mr. Fitzgibbons and Agent Kraut stated
they would examine the documents and schedule another meeting to discuss
Federal involvement, Prosecutor Fitzgibbons was extremely critical of the
lack of man-power devoted to the current investigation conducted by Mr.
Russell's office.  He took particular notice of the fact that a lawyer was
not assigned on a full-time basis.  He commented that an investigation of
this scope should have at least two lawyers and two accountants assigned
along with at least six investigators.

On the 29th of Sept. 1983, this writer, (Lt. Emmons), and City Attorney,
Thomas Bustin, met with Attorney Fitzgibbons and Agent Kraut of the F.B.I.

It was explained to the Federal authorities the problems local law
enforcement had in investigating the Scientology organization, i.e.,
financial money flows crossing state lines into foreign banks, the
inability of local law enforcement to subpoena out-of-state witnesses to
local Grand Juries and the complexity of the Scientology organization
itself.  Mr. Fitzgibbons told Mr. Bustin and myself he would author a memo
to his superior,

U.S. Attorney Robert Merkle, to be forwarded on to Washington, D.C. Mr.
Fitzgibbons was not too hopeful the Justice Dept. would give its sanctions
to investigate the Scientology organization.  As of this date, Jan. 14,
1985, the Clearwater Police Dept., nor the City of Clearwater has received
a reply from the Federal authorities upon our request for Federal
involvement into the Scientology organization which was formally made on
Sept. 29, 1983.

On Oct. 17, 1983, I, (Lt. Emmons), was informed by Chief Investigator,
Robert Somers of the Pinellas/Pasco State Attorney's Office, he was going
to ask his superior, Janes T. Russell, to terminate the task force
investigation.  I relayed this information to Chief Klein and my task
force assignment was concluded.  I was reassigned to the Clearwater Police
Dept. to continue the Scientology investigation.

In addition to the foregoing investigative efforts mentioned during the
timeframes of Mar. 21, 1983 and Oct. 17, 1983, I, (Lt. Emmons), was also
involved in other reports and cases while assigned to the before-mentioned
task force.

During the first few months, my (Lt. Emmons) role assignment was to decode
and explain Scientology policies and procedures. I, however, expanded that
role to include contacting many ex-Scientologists about current
information concerning the organization.  Many of these sources kept me
informed on a daily basis of various Scientology activities.  Most of
these activities mentioned were not of themselves criminal in nature;
however, through these sources, I was able to establish familiar patterns
of operation/management philosophies.  These patterns were extremely
useful in explaining how Scientology works and why the Scientologists
employed some of their tactics in a manner which would seem abnormal or
deviant to the casual observer.

May 16, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 R S-9.

Interviewed a Martin Samuels in reference to a Mission Holder's
responsibilities and his personal problems with the Scientology
organization.  Mr. Samuels is currently involved in civil litigation
against the Scientology organization.  Mr. Ssmuels contends he was
unfairly dismissed from his posts as Mission Director for three missions
in the San Francisco area.

May 16, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RA-10

At the inception of the Scientology investigation task force operations,
it became apparent if the investigators could obtain the documents
contained in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Church of Scientology vs.
Gerald Armstrong Case, much of the evidence to prove fraudulent practices
would be in hand.  I, (Lt. Emmons), informed the Assistant State Attorney
assigned to this task force, Marie King, if she could explore the
possibilities of obtaining the documents through a court motion.  Ms. King
communicated with a Los Angeles lawyer, Julia Dragojevic, concerning a
court motion.

Ms. King wrote this memo, SR3.1 RA-10, explaining the need for a Grand
Jury proceeding underway in order to obtain the documents in the Armstrong
Case.  Ms. King's interpretation of Judge Cole's documents ruling.

June, 1983, Report Number

the Faith Huxley Case.

Attorney Michael Flynn contacted me, (Lt. Emmons), concerning a Ms. Faith
Huxley and an alleged fraudulent appropiation of $325,000 of Ms. Huxley's
funds by members of the Scientology organization.  After a series of
telephone calls, Ms. Huxley agreed to come to Florida and testify about
her transactions with representatives of the Scientology organization.  On
the day Ms. Huxley was supposed to arrive in Florida, she settled with the
Scientology organization.  The matter was dropped for the present.

June 6, 1983, Report Mumber SR3.1 RD-1, XO 83-06-1095-Investigator Ed

This is a report concerning a grand theft for the safe at Scientology
Headquarters.  A subject named Debbie DeRosa was charged with grand theft.
On Aug. 3, 1983, Ms. DeRosa was interviewed by Lt. Ray Emmons and Agent
Steve Vangura of the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement.  The conversation
centered around Ms. DeRosa's personal knowledge of Scientology policies,
practices and procedures.

June 27, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RS-11.

This is a report by Ms. King in reference to a visit by Congressman
Bilirakis' aides, Sandra Hanburg and Steve Van Slyke. Ms. Hanburg and Mr.
Van Slyke informed Ms. King they were in the area gathering information
concerning Scientology's infiltration into businesses in the Clearwater
community.  Ms. Hanburg told Ms. King that Congressman Bilirakis'
Committee on Small Businesses intended to hold hearing in the Clearwater
area in late 1983 about Scientology.  Ms. Hanburg was supposed to meet
with Chief Klein about the situation; however, she never did.  Small
business congressional hearings were held in Clearwater in 1983.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), came upon this report,  (SR3.1 RS-1) after the hearings
were held.

Sept. 21, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RZ-2.

This is a report from John Zeigel and Lloyd Greenberg concerning various
financial flows and other activities of the Scientology organization.

Sept. 21, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 R (A-10)

On Sept. 21, 1983, I, (Lt. Emmons), called julie Dragojevic, Attorney at
Law, concerning the documents in the ~rmstrong Case. Ms. Dragojevic stated
she did not believe the Judge would require the investigative steps to be
inclusive as to impanel a Grand Jury as long as Mr. Armstrong's statement
had been taken.   Mr. Armstrong testified at the Pinellas/Pasco State
Attorney's Office in Mar. 1983.

I relayed this message on to Ms. King with no response.

Sept. 26, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RC-1.

This report concerns other agencies in California having information on

I,  (Lt.  Emmons), contacted several agencies in California concerning any
information about Scientology - Oct. 5, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RU-1.

On the 29th of Sept., 1983, City Attorney, Thomas Bustin, and I, (Lt.
Emmons), traveled to Tampa and spoke with U.S. Assistant Attorney, John
Fitzgibbons and F.B.I., George Kraut.

The scope of alleged criminal activity pertaining to suspected fraudulent
practices and other suspected crimes designed to insulate the fraudulent
practices from detection were explained to Mr. Fitzgibbons.  Mr.
Fitzgibbons was asked if the Federal Government could aid the Clearwater
Police Dept. in the investigation of Scientology.  Mr. Fitzgibbons stated
he would author a memo to
his superior, U.S. Attorney Robert Merkle, conzerning our visit. Mr.
Fitzgibbons was very doubtful the Justice Dept. would give approval for
this type of investigation.  Mr. Fitzgibbons told us he would get back to
us (Lt, Emmons and Mr. Bustin), with an answer to Federal involvement.
Once again, this meeting took place on Oct. 5, 1983.  At the time of this
report, the chronological summary, the City of Clearwater has still not
received a reply from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Oct. 5, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RS-12.

This report is ahout the Scientology organization filing an injunction
against City Officials in an attempt to stop enforcement of the Charitable
Solicitation Ordinance.

Oct. 6, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-13)

This report concerns contact made by Mr. David  Jordan,

Attorney at Law, in the Los Angeles area.  Mr. Jordan was calling in
reference to collecting refunds for some of his clients.  While inquiring
about these procedures, Mr. Jordan informed me he has made contact with
various prosecution agencies in the State of California about
Scientology's practice of keeping their adherents' monies that are paid in
advance.  These agencies told him he has a civil problem and not criminal
in nature.

Nov. 16, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 MC4.

This memo outlines the administrative procedures on how to handle requests
for refunds and repayments in connection with the City of Clearwater's
Charitable Solicitation Ordinance.

Since the inception of the Charitable Solicitation Ordinance, I,  (Lt.
Emmons), have received countless phone calls and letters from virtually
every "free" world country regarding refunds, repayments and the
Charitable Solicitation Ordinance.  I have sent letters to these
complaintants explaining the Charitable
Solicitation Ordinance, namely the prohibited acts therein.  I, (Lt.
Emmons), have helped these complaintants route their paperwork to the
appropriate source.

Dec. 2, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RO-6.

This report pertains to the Scientology files seized in the search warrant
execution at the Toronto Org of Scientology in March, 1983.  Const. Burley
advises these files will probably be opened to the public during a hearing
in March, 1984.  Burley wanted the Clearwater Police Dept. to be aware of
this occurrence in case we had an interest in looking at these files as it
will later reported.  The files were not available in March.  In June of
1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), traveled to Toronto and examined some Scientology

Dec. 20, 1983, Report Number SR3.1 RA5b

This report is concerning conversations with police officials of the
Australian Government, Los Angeles Consulate General Office.  Mr. Millwird
was inquiring about the Scientology organization and its practices.  After
a conversation concerning some Scientology activities, I, (Lt. Emmons),
advised Mr. Millwird on what documents to obtain and where to get them.
Most of these documents mentioned are public policies of the Scientology


Jan. 2, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RW-2, XO 84-0125.

This report is about a subject named Willie Wilson who was detained by
members of Scientology at the Ft. Harrison Hotel.  Mr. Wilson later denied
he was forcefully held against his will.

I,  (Lt. Fmmons), interviewed the cab driver in this incident, Gary
Vinyard, who confirmed the police officer's original report.  Mr. Vinyeard
sued the Scientology organization for damages because he was detainsd
against his will.  The Seientology organization settled this suit
immediately and out of court.

Dec. 20, 1983 through Jan. 24, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RK-2.

During the timeframe of Dec. 20, 1983 through Jan. 24, 1984, I,  (Lt.
Emmons), was contacted many times by Attorney Michael Flynn regarding a
possible extortion attempt against Federal Judge Ben Krentzman, United
States District Court, Tampa, Fla.  Mr. Flynn told me (Lt. Emmons), the
covert operation against Judge Krentzman was approved at the highest level
of the Scientology organization. The money for this operation was
allocated from Scientology funds. This covert operation also centered
itself on local businessmen.  The local businessmen in question had been
taken aboard a yacht disguised as a businessmen's meeting.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), made contact with Federal and State authorities asking
permission to investigate the incident involving the local Clearwater

The Federal authorities, (Attorney Fitzgibbons and F.B.I. Agent Kraut),
did not want local authorities to investigate the case at this time.

In conversations with Agent Kraut of the F.B.I., he told me (Lt. Emmons)
the F.B.I. was just going to investigate the incident with the Federal
Judge Krentzman, and local Clearwater businessmen and not the practices of
the Scientology organization.

After several weeks, Agent Kraut contacted me, (Lt. Emmons), again and
stated he was now going to begin the boat incident investigation.  Agent
Kraut had been tied up on other matters.

After several more weeks, I, (Lt. Emmons), learned through a confidential
source the only persons the F.B.I. had talked to was Judge Krentzman, who
denied going aboard the yacht and a local Clearwater businessman who drove
to Tampa volunteered information.

I called Agent Kraut inquiring about the status of the case.  Agent Kraut
told me he had interviewed Judge Krentzman and a local Clearwater
businessmen and as far as he was concerned, the case was closed.

On Jan. 23, 1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), received two articles from Attorney
Flynn.  The first article was from "The American Lawyer" magazine and is
entitled, "Scientology's War Against Judges" The second article is a
newsletter which outlines the Scientology role in the attempt to
compromise Judge Krentzman.  I, (Lt. Emmons), contacted U.S. Attorney John
Fitzgibbons and told him the content of these articles.  Mr. Fitzgibbons
asked for copies of these articles which I sent.

Jan. 13, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 FK-1.

A subject named Johann Kempff complained the Scientology organization owed
him around $50,000 in advanced fees.  Mr. Kempff further alleged
violations of the Charitable Solicitation Ordinance had occurred.  Kempff
told me, (Lt. Emmons), the Scientology organization had transferred $5,200
of his money into his girlfriend's standing account without his knowledge
beforehand.  When Mr. Kempff called the Scientology organization about his
accounts, he was told his money had been transferred.  Mr. Kempff then
gave approval for the money transfer.  Mr. Kempff informed the

Scientology representative, James Grant, he was sending $10,000 to be
placed in his advanced fees accounts, not his girlfriend's. When Mr.
Kempff arrived at Scientology Headquarters in Clearwater, he found out his
$10,000 had been placed into his girlfriend's account.  Mr. Kempff was
expelled from Scientology.

For several weeks, I kept in contact with Mr. KemFff in case he wanted to
pursue the matter of his missing $10,300.  Mr. Kempff was attempting to
collect the fees and refunds owed to him by working with Scientology

When Mr. Kempff finally decided on his own he couldn't collect his money
from Scientology, he recontacted me (Lt. Emmons).  Mr. Kempff filled out
an affidavit that alleged violations of the Charitable Solicitation
Ordinance.  In addition to violations of the CIty Ordinance, Mr. Kempff
felt Mr. Grant of the Scientology organization had taken his $10,000 and
placed it into his girlfriend's accounts without his permission.  I
instructed Mr. Kempff to get a singed affidavit from his girlfriend,
Monica Neilsson, who was in Sweden, concerning her involvement in the
$10,000 transfer.

Mr. Kempff complied with my request and a few days later returned to the
Police Dept. with a notarized signed affidavit from Monica Neilsson.  The
affidavit stated Ms. Neilsson did not know about the second transfer of
funds for $10,000 into her account.  She was told to continue taking
courses as she had unused monies in her accounts.  When she felt she had
definitely used up more courses then her money in her accounts, she was
finally told that Mr. Kempff had been expelled from the Scientology
organization, so she might as well use up Mr. Kempff's advanced fees
monies.  Monica was under the impression Mr. Kempff had given approval to
use his money.

Mr. KemFff wanted to prosecute Mr. Grant and another Scientology official
for theft of his money.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), made several appointments with Mr. Kenpff trying to set
up a State Attorney's investigation for theft.  Mr. Kempff would fail to
show at the appointed times.  Mr. Kempff would show up at the Police Dept.
a day or two later forgetting the actual appointment times.  Finally Mr.
Kempff went home to Sweden without pursuing legal charges.

Jan. 24, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (R-5)

This report concerns realtor, Al Rogers, buying property for the
Scientology organization.  Most of the property transactions occur in the
Clearwater area.

Jan. 26, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RU-2

On the 26th of Jan., I,  (Lt. Emmons), was sent a copy of a court ruling
decided in the Eighth Circuit of the Federal Courts, St. Louis, MO. The
thrust of this case involved religious institutions employing volunteer
workers in capacities other than religious practices.

I contacted Mr. Garringer of the U.S. Wage and Hour Commission.  I
explained to Mr. Garringer how Scientology uses their employees in various
capacities other than religious pursuits.  Mr. Garrincrer told me this
court ruling in question did not apply to the Scientology organization.
The court ruling in question, Donovan vs. Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation.
In this particular case, church members were working totally outside the
church in a for profit corporation
run 5y the same church.  In Scientoloay, all the corporations are on a not
for profit basis and fall under the umbrella of the Church of Scientnlogy
of California; therefore, the ruling does not apply.

Dec. 23, 1983 through Jan. 26, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT (S-5)

Attorney Michael Flynn made contact with me, (Lt. Ray Emmons), concerning
possible testimony of former Scientologists, Laurel Sullivan and William
Franks.  Mr. Flynn told me Ms. Sullivan had a great deal of testimony
about financial transactions and Scientology corporation structures.

I contacted Marie King of the Pinellas State Attorney's Office reference
Ms. Sullivan and Mr. Franks' testimonies.  Ms. King advised me to
recontact Mr. Flynn and have him draw up a proffer of probable testimony
of Sullivan's and send it to me.  I contacted Mr. Flvnn and relayed Ms.
King's request of a Sullivan proffer.

Mr. Flynn sent me a proffer of probable testimony,  (Sullivan's), on Jan.
26, 1984.  I reviewed the proffer and found it to be extremely important
testimony regarding the total financial, fraudulent overview of the
Scientology organization.  Ms. Sullivan was the top Public Relations
Representative in Scientology and worked directly for L. Ron Hubbard for
many years.  I gave Ms. King a copy of the proffer for her review.  I told
Ms. King of the extreme importance of Sullivan's testimony.  Ms. King told
me she would have to check with Mr. Russell to determine if he was going
to offer immunity to Ms. Sullivan in lieu of her corporation with law

Several days had passed and I asked Ms. King if Mr. Russell had reached a
decision on immunity for Ms. Sullivan.  Ms. King told me she had not
talked to Mr. Russell as both of them were extremely busy.  I told Ms.
King, I,  (Lt. Emmons), would like a determination on the immunity
question as soon as possible.

After several more days, I reccntazted Ms. King and told her Ms.
Sullivan's lawyer, Michael Flynn, was getting impatient for an answer to
the immunity problem.  Ms. King told me she didn't know if the State
Attorney's should give Ms. Sullivan immunity as she had apparently
participated in some activities that could be criminal in nature.  I
reminded Ms. King we would not have any knowledge of the activities Ms.
Sullivan mentioned if she had not come forward with the imformation.  Ms.
King told me she was unsure whether the State Attorney, James Russell,
would give Ms. Sullivan immunity.

I,  (Lt.  Emmons),  then contacted the Ontario Provincial Police, Det.
Sgt. Al Campini, and accountant, Joe Zier.  I informed them Ms. Sullivan
is willing to testify provided she receive a contract of immunity.  Sgt.
Campini told me he would check on the situation with the Crown Attorney.
The next morning, Sgt. Campini contacted me and stated he wanted to come
to Florida and interview Ms. Sullivan.  The Crown Attorney had agreed to a
contract of immunity for Ms.

Arrangements were made for Det. Sgt. Campini, Accountant Joe Zier, and
Inspector John Germaine of the O.P.P. to interview Ms. Sullivan.

I informed Ms. King that Ms. Sullivan would be in Clearwater on the 25th
of Feb., 1984, if she wanted to take part in the interview.  I further
informed Ms. King that Ms. Sullivan would have to be im~unized from
prosecution if the State Attorney's Office were involved.

Ms. King and Howard Jiehle, investigator for the State Attorney, sat
through the interviews.

Jan. 29, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (M-4)

This report is concerning John and Erna Martinique's experiences with the
Scientology organization.  Mr. and Mrs. ~artinique stayed in the
Scientology organization for about a week, in Jan. 1984. They explained
how the indoctrinated processes into Scientology took place, namely the
showing of a film to new members that depicts L. Ron Hubbard as a Doctor
of Philosophy and a learned man.  They were given a book entitled,
"Scientology - A New Slant on Life" This book proclaims Hubbard to be a
World War II hero and he was crippled and blinded.  During the war, he
cured himself with the development of Dianetics.

The Martiniques also testified to many other Scientology practices and

Jan. 30, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (P-ld)

This is a report concerning some background information on private
investigator, Eugene Ingram.

Jan. 31, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (K-2)

This is a follow-up report on background information pertaining to private
investigator, Fred Kane.  Mr. Kane works for Richard Bast, the private
investigator involved in the Judge Krentzman affair.

Feb. 1, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RK-2

The affidavit of Richard Bast and the declaration of Robert S. Keefer.

This affidavit and declaration were filed in Federal Court reference the
Tonja Burden Case.  The affidavit and declaration were filed to explain
Mr. Bast's role in the Judge Krentzman boat incident.

Feb. 1, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (K-2)

The report concerns the boat incident and Krentzman incident.  I,  (Lt.
Emmons), made contact with Federal and State authorities asking permission
to investigate the case.

This case was outlined previously in this summary.

Feb. 2, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-5)

This is a follow-up report concerning Laurel Sullivan's testimony.

I contacted Federal Prosecutor, John Fitzgibbons, in regards to Ms.
Sullivan's upcoming testimony.  Mr. Fitzgibbon's wanted to be informed if
Ms. Sullivan had any testimony about the Judge Krentzman situation or any
other situation Scientology might have been involved in concerning Federal

Feb. 3, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT S-5

The report is about a meeting among Agent Steve VanGura, Lt. Emmons, and
Agent Larry Sprinkle of the  U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
discussing Laurel Sullivan's alien/immigration status.

Feb. 3, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RP-1E

This report is about a Scientology document left in a public place.

A confidential source gave me, (Lt. Emmons), a Scientology document which
was left in the phone booth near the downtown Maas Brothers store.

This document indicates persons unknown apparently conducted a brief
background information report on some prominent Clearwater community
leaders.  The documents indicate whether these prominent persons are
friendly or unfriendly toward Scientology.

Feb. 3, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT S-5H

This report concerns the conversation with Marie King regarding Laurel
Sullivan coming to Florida to testify.  The content of this report was
covered earlier in this summary.

Feb. 6, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (0-2a) 

This report is concerning some information from the Ontario Provincial
Police - Const. Bruce Burley.  Const. Bruce Burley stated lawyers for Mary
Sue Hubbard wanted to plea bargain his client. Also Const. Burley had
documents to prove Hubbard is not a Doctor of Philosophy.  Const. Burley
agreed to send these documents to me, (Lt. Emmons)

Feb. 7, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT S-5G

This report concerns a conversation between Laurel Sullivan and myself,
(Lt. Emmons), reference Ms. Sullivan's immigration status.

Feb. 7, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RA (5a)

This report concerns information from the Australian ConsulateGeneral, Los
Angeles, Inspector Peter Lamb, about high Australian Scientology officials
coming to Clearwater.

Feb. 8, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RI-8a

This report concerns information from Special I.R.S. Prosecutor, Martin
Cohen.  Mr. Cohen informed me, (Lt. Ray Emmons), a law clerk working on
the Scientology case was murdered in a parking garage in Washington, D.C.
After making contact with the appropriate officials, I,  (Lt.  Emmons),
was informed the law clerk in question, a Mr. Gluckman, was a victim of a
homosexual robbery/murder.  The police officers working the case assured
me the murder was not connected to the Scientology organization.

Feb. 8, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R(K2a)

This report concerns a conversation between Agent Kraut and myself, (Lt.
Emmons), reference the Krentzman boat incident.  The report also addresses
conversations between Lt. Emmons and A.U.S.A. John Fitzgibbons, Lt. Emmons
and Scott Hopkins, S.A.O., Lt. Emmons and Chief Investigator, Robert
Somers, S.A.O.

In the first part of this report, Agent Kraut explains he has not begun to
investigate the Krentzman boat incident due to other priority items, i.e.,
a school in Quantico~ Va., Carnie Investigations, Florida State Fair and
in-house political problems.

I, (Lt. Emmons), next contacted Mr. Fitzgibbons of the U.S. Attorney's
Office.  Mr. Fitzgibbons told me Mr. Merkle, the U.S. Attorney, was
personally handling the Krentzman/boat incident.

Mr. Fitzgibbons also told me Mr. Merkle had conversations with Mr.
Russell, the Pinellas States' Attorney, about the boat incident.
I,  (Lt. Emmons), then contacted Scott Hopkins, an investigator for the
Pinellas States' Attorneys Office.

Mr. Hopkins told me he would check with Robert Somers, the Chief
Investigator of the Pinellas States' Attorneys Office, to see if we, local
officials, were going to investigate possible state statute violations.

I informed Mr. Hopkins of various investigative leads I had come across
since the boat incident had made the ~ewspapers.  ApFroximately an hour
later, I, (Lt. Emmons), received a telephone call from Mr. Somers.  The
exact conversation as recalled at the time of the incident is as follows:

Mr. Somers:     How's it going?

Lt. Emmons:      Alright.

Mr. Somers:     Look, on this boat incident, Mr. Merkle's Office is going
                investigate it.

Lt. Emmons:     I didn't want to cause any flap between agencies. I just
                to know if the Fed's are investigating the incident and if
                can we, as state crimes might have been committed?

Mr. Somers:     Mr. Merkle is going to investigate the case. You'd better
                careful with Merkle, he'll put your ass in jail for

Lt. Emmons:     O.k., thank you for the information.

The conversation was terminated.

Feb. 9, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (K2F) 

This report is a letter from a supposedly German investor regarding the
investments of property in the Clearwater area by German businessmen.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), believe this letter to Sam Casella, a member of the
Clearwater Downtown Development Board, was the instrument used to set up
the phony meetings between private detectives in the emply of the
Scientology organization and Clearwater businessmen.

Since I was under advice not to interfere with the investigation of the
boat incident and since the F.B.I. had not acted upon any of the
information I had thus far given them, I did not inform Federal agents of
this letter.

Feb. 9, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5I)

This report concerns the development of other high-ranking
ex-Scientologists as potential witnesses.

Later on in this surmmary, it will be explained how the development of
witnesses took place.  Also explained later on is the procedure worked out
among Lt. Emmons of the Clearwater Police Department and the various
lawyers representing the ex-Scientologists to make them available for
testimony for Canadian officials.

Feb. 9, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5J)

This report concerns the availability of Homer Schemer to testify for law
enforcement officials.  I, (Lt. Emmons), later arranged to have Schemer
meet Canadian officials for the purpose of testimony.

Feb. 13, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5H) 

This report is concerning two conversations with Assistant States'
Attorney reference immunity for Laurel Sullivan.  The substance of this
report was elaborated on in a prior section of this summary.

Feb. 15, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5K)

This report concerns conversations between Lt. Emmons of the Clearwater
Police Department and Assistant States' Attorney reference Laurel
Sullivan's immunity and probable testimony.  In this report, I, (Lt.
Emmons), notified Ms. King that Laurel Sullivan was coming to Clearwater
to testify before Canadian police officials and myself. Ms. King informed
me,  fLt. Em~ons), in all probability I would not be allowed to enter the
room when Sullivan was testifying because Sullivan did not have immunity.
Ms. King stated the States' Attorney, James Russell, would not be rushed
into making a decision on the immunity question despite the fact the
Canadians have given Sullivan immunity. Mr. Russell's general over-all
posture, according to Ms. King, was simply turn Ms. Sullivan over to the
Canadians without local law enforcement/prosecution involvement.

This report is also about the attempts of Lt. Emmons to notify Mr.
Fitzgibbons of the U.S. Attorney's Office concerning Laurel Sullivan's

Feb. 20, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-1D)

This summary is an accounting of various investigative steps taken by Lt.
Emmons for the years 1983-1984.  This report was completed in preparation
for meetings with congressional representatives in March 1984.

March 5, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (C-4), X0-84-05247

This report concerns the situation with Daniel Cotrino and members of the
Scientology organization.

Mr. Cotrino was observed by Sgt. Kronschnabl being held against his will
by members of the Scientology organization.  He was brought to the police
department for interviewing purposes.  At the police department, he
complained of being lied to regarding various course requirements and
attendant fees.

Cotrino did not want to press charges, he just wanted to go back to New
York, his home.

Mr. Cotrino later recanted his testimony and the events of March 5, 1984.

March 6, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 RS-1

This report is an accounting of meetings and conversations with
Congressnen and U.S. Senators reference the investigation of the
Scientology organization.  The meetings took place in Washington, D.C.
with Mayor Kathy Kelly, Lt. Emmons, Congressman Bilirakis and Congressman
Molinaro.  Mayor Kelly, Lt. Emmons, and the staff of Congressman, Bill
Young.  Lt. Emmons and Kathy Kelly and the staff of Senator Paula Hawkins
and Lawton Chiles.

Congressman Molinaro and Congressman Bilirakis asked me to do a report on
"What is Scientology".  This report is to encompass the policies and
practices of the Scientology organization.

March 7, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-4)

This report concerns a Elom Silberman and his children.

Mr. Silberman was a staff member working in the kitchen at the Ft.
Harrison.  Mr. Silberman became disillusioned with Scientology and decided
to leave for Brazil.  Mr. Silberman came to the Clearwater Police
Department and contacted Lt. White for assistance.  Lt. Mhite provided aid
and assistance to Mr. Silberman and his family.

June 1, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R C-3

This report concerns Lt. Emmons' trip to Boston and Toronto reference the
Scientology investigation.

In Boston, I, (Lt. Emmons), conferred with attorneys of Michael Flynn's
office.  I, (Lt. Emmons), received several documents concerning
Scientology practices.  We also talked about Mr. Flynn's pending civil
cases and the dates when these cases are supposed to come to trial.

June 3, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R 0-7

In Toronto, I, (Lt. Emmons), conferred with officials of the Ontario
Provincial Police namely Inspector Orrnsby, Sgt. Campini, and Const. Bruce

I,  (Lt. Emnons), looked over many documents, copied some of them, and
conducted various conversations concerning the scope of the
investigation/prosecution of Scientology.

In all the conversations with the above-named police officials, they
assured me the scope of their investigation included placing fraud charges
against many top members of the Scientology organization including L. Ron
Hubbard and his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), was introduced to accountant, Joe Zier, when the
Canadians came to Clearwater to debrief Laurel Sullivan in Feb., 1984.  I
met with Mr. Zier again while I was in Toronto.  Mr. Zier explained the
financial network as best as he could without going into documents and
procedures that the court had not decided were privileged or confidential.

Mr. Zier explained the purpose of his firm's (Lundquist and Holmes)
participation in the investigation was to prove a fraudulent inurement to
L. Ron Hubbard and other top Scientology management personnel.  Mr. Zier
felt this connection of fraudulent inurement and financial transactions
could be proven.

I,  (Lt.  Emmons),  explained to the police officials the purpose of my
visit was to gather enough information of fraudulent practices and other
crimes committed by Scientology to present to the Florida Dept. of Law
Enforcement as a prosecutable package.  I also told these police officials
that ultimately the Scientology investigation may wind up in the Federal
system.  These police officials assured me many of the practices of
Scientology are fraud~lent in nature and their intent was to arrest and
prosecute those responsible for the frauds.  They further assured me they
would cooperate in any fashion so I may gather the proper information
together for my presentations.  I,  (Lt. Emmons), was told by the Canadian
police officials and Mr. Zier, the Flag Headquarters in Clearwater, Fla.
is one of the most important focal points of the fraudulent inurement
issue.  The information gathered so far by Mr. Zier and police officials
would be of importance to me or anyone examining Scientology and its
practices.  Flag Headquarters generates as much fraudulent income as all
of the other Scientology orgs and missions combined.

Top Scientology officials would include charges of fraud and conspiracies.

In December, I,  (Lt. Emmons), was informed the Chief Prosecutor for the
Ontario Provincial Police, S. Casey Hill, was charged with contempt of
court by lawyers representing the Scientology organization in Toronto.
This contempt of court charge stemmed from Mr. Hill supposedly giving
documents to the lawyer representing the Ontario Public Health and Welfare
Department.  These documents are sealed by court order by the presiding
judge hearing the motions concerning the search warrant executed by the
O.P.P. in March 1983.  Mr. Hill contested the contempt of court charges
and won his case.  As an aftermath of these contempt of court proceedings,
Mr. Hill civilly sued various lawyers representing the Scientolocry
organization.  In addition to suing the lawyers for damages, Mr. Hill also
sued various Scientology management personnel in Toronto.  This suit
action against Scientology and its aoents by Mr. Hill effectively removed
him from the Scientology case, something the Scientologists wanted to do,
by citing Mr. Hill for contempt of court.  As a result of this action, Mr.
Hill's removal as Chief Counsel from the Scientology case, new lawyers
were assigned to the case by the Crown Attorney.

The new Assistant Crown Attorney in charge of the Scientology case,
Douglas Hill, took a new tack concerning the criminal charges against the
Scientology agents and its members.

Since about 1977 and up through 1983, the Scientology organization has had
covert agents in various branches of Ontario government and law
enforcement.  The Toronto Guardian Office also committed various
burglaries including a burglary to a law firm representing Nan McLean, a
litigate against Scientology.  The new prosecution team of the Ontario
Crown Attorneys Office elected to go with local charges against local
Toronto members of the Scientology organization.  In addition to placing
local charges against local members, the prosecution staff elected to
charge the local Scientology org with the same crimes they charged the
individual members.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), inquired why the posture of the Ontario Crown Attorneys
Office had changed from charging top Scientology management with fraud and
conspiracy to just local charges against local Canadians for "breach of
trust", theft, and burglaries.  I, (Lt. Emmons), also asked Ontario
Provincial Police officials why a conspiracy did not exist if the
Scientology organization in Toronto was charged with the same crimes as
the individual members.   Under Canadian law, Chapter 423, Martins
Criminal Code, it appeared a violation of that section entitled
conspiracies had occurred.  The Ontario police officials, namely Inspector
Ormsby and Det. Sgt. Campini, could not explain the actions of the Ontario
Crown Assistant Attorney in charge of the case, Douglas Hunt.  They could
only state Mr. Hunt told them they did not have a victim as far as
fraudulent practices were concerned.

Mr. Hunt also did not want to be tied up in extradiction proceedings for
long periods of time.

Dec. 17, 1984

I again talked to Inspector Ormsby concerning the fraudulent practices and
fraud charges against top Scientology persons.  I told Inspector Ormsby
after reviewing Martins Criminal Code, Chapter 338, entitled Fraud, I,
(Lt. Emmons), that the Ontario Crown Assistant did not need a specific
victim of a fraud as the Statute is worded as follows:

"Fraud - affecting public market.  338.(1) Everyone who, by deceit,
falsehood, or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false
pretense within the meaning of this act, defrauds the public or any
person, whether ascertained
or not, of any property, money, or valuable security"

The second part of this Statute concerns case law.  One of the most
important case laws cited is RE:  London and Glode Finance Corp., LTD
(1903), Ch. 728 at pp. 723-3:

"To defraud is to deprive by deceit:  It is by deceit to induce a man to
act to his injury.  More tersely put, that to deceive is by falsehood to
induce a state of mind"; 

Inspector Ormsby told me the information concerning the Fraud Statute was
relayed to Assistant Crown Attorney Hunt without results.

January 1985

I,  (Lt. Emmons),  learned through independent sources, Joe Zier of the
accounting firm of Lunquist and Holmes, had completed a financial analysis
report on the Scientology organization.  This report was the culminiation
of Mr. Zier's and associates contractual obligation to the Ontario
Provincial Police.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), placed a phone call to Mr. Zier inquiring about Mr.
Zier's availability for testimony in the United States.

My primary concern was to have Mr. Zier accompany me and other officials
to a meeting with representatives of the U.S. Attorneys Office.  Although
Mr. Zier was personally willing to come to Florida, he felt he couldn't
because of his firm's contractual responsibility to the Ontario Crown
Attorneys Office and the Ontario Provincial Police.  I, (Lt. Emmons),
contacted Inspector Ormsby concerning Joe Zier's availability to testify
and the availability of Mr. Zier's account analysis report.  Inspector
Ormsby did not know about the availability of Mr. Zier's report, but he
would check with the Crown Attorneys.

Inspector Ormsby recontacted me, (Lt. Emmons), on the 17th of Jan., 1985.
Mr. Ormsby told me he had checked with the Crown Attorneys, name unknown,
and I could get the analysis report of Mr. Zier's provided a lawyer came
to Canada and entered a motion in the Canadian Courts for the document.
Inspector Ormsby told me this document was part of the information that
was being decided by the Ontario court on the search warrant motion.

Mr. Joe Zier recontacted me on the 17th of Jan., 1985.  Zier told me he
could not testify or be of help in our meetings with the U.S. Attorneys
Office as according to his superiors, his testimony would be a conflict of
interest with the contractual duties of his firm and the Ontario Crown
Attorneys Office.

On the 18th of Jan., 1985, I was contacted by Inspector Ormsby of the
O.P.P.  Inspector Ormsby told me the best procedure to file the proper
motion for the attainment of Mr. Zier's document would be to contact
Assistant Crown Attorney Douglas Hunt for help in composing the proper
court paperwork.

I,  (Lt.  Emmons),  contacted Mr.  Bustin, City Attorney,  City of
Clearwater and explained my dilemma.  I asked Mr. Bustin if he would call
Mr. Hunt and ascertain the proper procedures and paperwork in filing the
court paperwork to obtain Mr. Zier's financial report.

On the 22nd of Jan., 1985, at 5:00 p.m., City Attorney, Thomas Bustin,
contacted Crown Attorney, Douglas Hunt.  Mr. Hunt told Mr. Bustin he did
not need to file a motion in the Canadian Court for Mr. Zier's report.
The report in question was the property of the Ontario Provincial Police.
Mr, Hunt advised Mr. Bustin to have the respective polie agencies iron out
the details on how to transfer the document in question.

On the 23rd of Jan., 1985, I,  (Lt. Emmons), contacted Inspector Ormsby
and relayed the conversation between Mr. Bustin and Mr. Hunt reference Joe
Zier's accounts analysis report.  Inspector Ormsby asked that I direct a
letter to his superior, Superintendent J.E. Szaraka, formally requesting
the accounting report in question. The letter was composed and sent out
the same day.

On the 24th of Jan., 1985, I, (Lt. Emmons), contacted Assistant Crown
Attorney S. Casey Hill regarding the Scientology investigation and
attendant charges made by his office and the Ontario Provincial Police.
I, (Lt. Emmons), asked Mr. Hill why their office did not charge
high-ranking Scientologists with fraud or conspiracy charges as I was lead
to believe would happen. Mr. Hill told me Toronto had a small Class IV org
in Scientology while in the United States, and the Scientology
organization had many very large Scientology orgs located in various

Mr. Hill states he and his office attempted to gain cooperation with many
U.S. Federal Government agencies without results.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), told Mr. Hill, throughout the investigation of
Scientology, I was assured fraudulent charges would be placed against
various top Scientologists.

 Mr. Hill told me victims in the frauds are necessary to place fraud

I told Mr. Hill the fraud statutes of Ontario specifically designate
either persons or the public could be defrauded. Therefore, the Province
of Ontario could act in the public's interest.  I further told him I knew
of at least six Canadian citizens who are ex-Scientologists who began
their career in Scientology through the Toronto org.  All of these
ex-Scientologists could testify to being defrauded.  In addition to this
type of testimony, every Scientologist who has ever claimed fraud can be
subpoened to testify.  It is the contention of all the investigators who
have ever worked on the Scientoloav case, the practice of Scientology is
universal.  If policies and practices of Scientology indicate fraud in the
United States, the same policies and practices apply in Canada.
Therefore, any witness can be brought forward to testify about fraud, no
matter where the fraud occurred.  The Ontario Crown Attorneys Office is
protecting the public's interest and not necessarily the interest of one
or two individual complaintants.

Mr. Hill told me the fraud matter has not been totally resolved.  Many of
the documents seized by the Ontario Police in March 1983, were sealed by
the courts.  In the next couple of weeks, the courts will decide whether
these documents should be unsealed.  It is at that time the fraud issue
may be decided for sure.

It should be noted:  Throughout the many phone calls and days of
negotiations with the Ontario Provincial Police, General Counsel, Rodney
Caddy of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, was involved.  The
Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement's role will be explained in another

The following report is an accounting of various meetings and
conversations with representatives of the Florida Dept. of Law

From the beginning of my, (Lt. Emmons), assignment to the Scientology
project, I have maintained contact with various F.D.L.E. agents and

The most notable contact for any extended period of time has been with
F.D.L.E. Agent, Steve VanGura.  Agent VanGura and I worked together,
almost on a daily basis, from March through Oct. 1983.  These day-to-day
contacts involved an exchange of information and exchanges of ideas.  When
I, (Lt. Emmons), was reassigned back to Clearwater Police Dept.
Headquarters, Agent VanGura maintained a contact relationship that still

On the 6th of March, 1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), along with Mayor Kathy Kelly,
traveled to Washington, D.C., and conferred with congressional
representatives.  Refer to Report SR3.1 M (W-l) These consultations
resulted in the beginning construction of a report explaining the
Scientology organization.  With the beginning construction of this report,
an overall plan of procedure was developed.

Lt. Emmons and Chief Klein conferred on how to proceed in the presentation
of the Scientology case to the appropriate agencies, i.e., the Florida
Dept. of Law Enforcement, the United States Justice Dept., and the U.S.
Attorneys in Tampa.  It was decided to complete the report on the general
overall view of the organization called Scientology for the U.S.
congressmen.  Refer to Report SR3.1 R (S-17).  It was also decided to
compile a report for the Florida Dept, of Law Enforcement regarding an
integrated statewide approach to combat organized crime.  Refer to Report
SR3.1 R (F-7).  With regards to the F.D.L.E. report, meetings were
conceived to go up the ladder and finally present our case to the Director
of F.D.L.E., Robert Dempsey.  The initial step of these meetings was to
meet with a ~owerlevel supervisor and begin the process.

Aug. 1, 1984.  

A meeting was set up with F.D.L.E. Agent Supervisor, Richard Look.  I
explained the Scientology organization to Mr. Look and explained the
possible criminal violations.  I told Mr. Look I intended to complete the
statewide integrated approach paper for formal presentation.

Aug. 7, 1984.  

A meeting was conducted with Agent Look of F.D.L.E. and Attorney Rodney
Gaddy of F.D.L.E.  At this meeting, I explained the Scientology
organization and attendant criminal violations.  Mr. Caddy had grave
reservations about prosecuting the Scientology organization due to the
religious problem presented by the First Amendment of the U.S.
Constitution.  I explained several cases, (cites), involving Scientology.
In these cases, the government did not pursue the religious status of
Scientology.  The questionable secular activities were attacked by
government, not the so-called religious practices.  In all the I.R.S. tax
cases, the government contended many secular practices of Scientology are
fraudulent in nature.  For the purposes of government interests, the
I.R.S. lawyers contended the Scientology organization evaded paying taxes
on profit-making ventures.  I gave Mr.Gaddy an extensive list of case
cites involving Scientology.

Aug 10, 1984.  

On this date, Mr. Caddy met with this writer, (Lt. Emmons), Mr. Bustin,
the City Attorney, and Special Counsel for the City of Clearwater.

At this meeting, Mr. Bustin and Mr. Blakely   explained how Mr. Gaddy may
circumvent the religious issue problem.  Mr. Bustin explained to Mr. Gaddy
how the City of Clearwater prepared their case of Charitable Solicitations
and still avoid the pitfalls of religious issues.  Mr. Gaddy asked for the
completed interagency cooperation report so he may study the alleged
violations of Florida State Statutes.

Sept. 1, 1984.  

I met with Attorney Gaddy and gave him the completed interagency report.
Mr. Gaddy told me, (Lt. Emmons), he would need some time to digest the
report and he would get back to me.  Mr. Gaddy agreed to set up a meeting
with his superiors when he has reviewed the interagency report.

Sept. 13, 1984.  

On this date, Chief Klein and I traveled to Tampa for a meeting with
F.D.L.E. representatives regarding Scientology.

We first met with Atty. Caddy before the general meeting with Mr. Caddy's
superiors.  Mr. Gaddy explained the reservations about prosecuting
Scientology, i.e., the religious status problem.  The ability of the jury
understanding the practices and policies of Scientology, and the ability
to portray the fraudulent inurement of L. Ron Hubbard.

I, (Lt. Emmons), once again explained he practice of Dianetics, the
Purification Rundown, and the E-meter and their connection to secular
fraudulent practices.  I, (Lt. Emmons), also explained how the inurement
to L. Ron Hubbard works.  Mr, Caddy equated these practices to ramblings
of a science-fiction writer.  I explained to Mr. Caddy how Hubbard depicts
himself as a nuclear scientist and medical doctor to sell his courses to
the Scientology public.

Hubbard has made positive assertions of medical cures based on his
so-called medical research.

In the general meeting, Mr. Caddy expressed the same prosecution concerns
as he had previously expressed in our preliminary meeting. I,  (Lt.
Emmons), once again explained the fraud connection with Scientology
courses and the interconnection to inurement - L. Ron Hubbard.

The group agreed the Scientology investigation belonged to the Federal
authorities because of witness subpoena problems.  Mr. Gaddy agreed to
help the City of Clearwater in case presentation to theeFederal

On the 15th of Sept., 1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), traveled to Tampa and
rediscussed the Scientology issue with Mr. Caddy,  I went down through the
interagency report with Mr. Caddy explaining each section in detail.

Mr. Caddy finally agreed fraudulent ac~tivity does exist in Dianetics and
other Scientology practices.  Mr. Caddy also agreed L. Ron Hubbard is
receiving monies based on fraud.

Mr. Caddy wanted to assist the Clearwater Police Dept. in case preparation
and presentation to the Federal authorities.

It should be noted, immediately after this meeting, Mr. Caddy was going to
assume his new position and general counsel for the Florida Dept. of Law
Enforcement.  Mr. Caddy would be relocated in Tallahassee.  Mr. Caddy
would still maintain the Scientology case.

On the 10th of November, I, (Lt. Emmons), met with Attorney Caddy at the
Clearwater Police Dept.  Mr. Caddy told me he was working on the case
preparation and wanted to have the meeting with the Federal authorities
before the holidays.  I showed Mr. Caddy the report, The Organization
Called Scientology, that could be used as part of the case presentation.
I, (Lt. Emmons), told Mr. Caddy I would prefer to wait until the Canadian
authorities had effected their arrests on various Scientology officials.
These arrests would make a laraer impact on our case presentation.  Mr.
Caddy agreed on this proposition.

On Dec. 10, 1984, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Crown
Attorneys Office "laid" charges against several local (Toronto)
Scientologists.  The charges "laid" were not of the scope it was supposed,
i.e., fraud and conspiracies against some Scientology top management.
Refer to Report Number  SR3.1 R (0-7).

This action or rather lack of action caused Mr. Caddy and I, (Lt. Emmons),
to re-evaluate our case presentation efforts.  It was decided to wait and
present our case to the Federal authorities after I, (Lt. Emmons), had
received accountant, Joe Zier's, report on the financial analysis of the
Scientology organization and the attendant fraudulent practices.
Negotiations were begun to receive this report.

Mr. Caddy agreed to contact the Ontario Provincial Attorney handling the
Scientology prosecution and find out how the financial report  by Mr. Zier
could be obtained by Lt. Emmons.

City Attorney, Thomas Bustin, eventually contacted Crown Attorney Hunt
inquiring how to obtain Mr. Zier's financial report.

(Both Mr. Bustin and Lt. Emmons were under the impression the financial
report would have to be obtained through court motions in the Ontario

Mr. Hunt advised Mr. Bustin to contact the Ontario Provincial Police to
obtain Mr. Zier's report.  Mr. Hunt stated the report is the property of
the Ontario Provincial Police with the Ontario Crown Attorneys Office
acting in an advisory capacity only.

I, (Lt. Emmons), contacted the Ontario Provincial Police, Inspector
Ormsby, regarding the financial report.  I was instructed to write a
letter to Superintendent Szaraka, Anti-Rackets Division, asking for the
financial report.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), then contacted Rodney Caddy, Attorney for the Florida
Depart. of Law Enforcement, and advised him of our progress. Mr. Caddy
informed me he was still working on a case presentation for the Federal
authorities and would keep me posted on his progress.

On the 15th of August, 1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), met with I.R.S. Criminal
Investigator, Al Ristuccia.  Mr. Ristuccia flew in from Los Angeles to
interview this writer concerning the policies and practices of the
Scientology organization.

I,  (Lt. Emmons), outlined the practices of Scientology as it relates to
fraudulent inurement and fraudulent inducements.  I, (Lt. Emmons(,
explained the Scientology organization and corporate structures to the
best of abilities.  The day-long meeting was very fruitful for both

I,  (Lt. Emmons), had some documents and material copied for use by the

On August 20, 1984, I sent Agent Ristuccia more documents and information
concerning the Scientology organization.

On June 4, 1984, I, (Lt. Emmons), received contact from Atty. John
Toothman of the Federal Civil Programs in Washington, D.C. in regards to
Scientology documents.

Mr. Toothman explained his role, to defend government agents and agencies
from civil suits.  His primary assignment at the present time is to defend
the Government from Scientology suits.

Mr. Toothman asked for various documents pertaining to previous harassing
litigation instituted by the Scientology organization.

Mr. Toothman also asked for other documents pertaining to the Scientology
practices of attacking the attacker, Fair Game, and Level O Checklist.

I,  Lt.  Emmons, provided these documents to Mr. Toothman.

Mr. Toothman asked for a general overview of Scientology and its
practices.  I, (Lt. Emmons), explained to Mr. Toothman I was working on
the report, The Organization Called Scientology, refer to Report Nuinber
SR3.1 R(S-17), and he could look this report over when it became complete.
Mr. Toothman asked if the report would have an index so he may review it
for any information or documents he might want.  I, (Lt. Emmons), told Mr.
Toothman I would send him a copy of the report index when the report was

Dec. 1, 1984.  I sent Mr. Toothman a copy of the completed index to the
report, The Organization Called Scientology.

Dec. 5, 1984.  I, (Lt. Emmons), was contacted by Mr. Toothman and he
requested a copy of the entire report, The Organization Called
Scientology.  Mr. Toothman arranged to have a private company contracting
for the Government come to Florida and copy the aforementioned report.

On the 9th, 10th, and Ilth of Dec., the report was recopied for Attorney

From June 4, 1984 until the present, many contacts and exchanges of
information have been made between Attorney Toothman and myself.


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