The Emmons Report: Table of Contents

Title: *** The Emmons Report: Table of Contents
Author: (Mark Dallara)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 01:10:03 GMT

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An item that's been in the news and on a.r.s recently is the lawsuit
between the city of Clearwater and the cult of $cientology regarding
certain records held by the Clearwater Police Department.  The records
relate to CPD's investigation of the cult, and the $cientologists, of
course, want the records destroyed or sealed, or, failing that, they want
to be notified whenever the press or public requests any of the documents.

One of the primary documents involved in this lawsuit (probably the
centerpiece of the whole thing) is the report filed by Lt. Ray Emmons.  It
consists of several volumes, and is supported by 40 boxes of documents.

Below is the Table of Contents of the summary report, obtained through a
public information request from the Clearwater Police Department.



I.   The Founder - Introduction

Exhibits - Documents of Scientology

A.  His relationship to the organization

	1.  Organization and morale
	2.  Policy, and HCOB alterations
	3.  The long needed understanding of justice
	4.  A printed biography of L. Ron Hubbard
	5.  Administrative know-how - the responsibilities
		of leaders
	6.  Conditions chart
	7.  Memorandum of agreement
	8.  Service
	9.  Source of policy
	10.  Operation Bulldozer Leak
	11.  Operation Power
	12.  Affidavit - Martin Greenberg
	13.  Founder
	14.  State of emergency
	15.  Founder - Scientology - A world religion emerges
	     in the space, age

B.   His relationship to the individual member


	16.  Date of L. Ron Hubbard - biography
	17.  Pamphlet - L. Ron Hubbard
	18.  Genius
	19.  Book cover from "Scientology, a new slant on life"
	20.  Court Record - The State of California vs.
	     Sequoia University
	21.  The findings of the Australian inquiry - L. Ron
	     Hubbard's background
	22.  The findings of Hubbard's claim to scientific

C1.  Hubbard's philosophy regarding psychiatry

	23.  Purpose and targets
	24.  Illegal PC's acceptance of high crime P/L
	25.  Code of a Scientologist
	26.  Pro actions - star rate in clay
	27.  Policies on physical healing, insanity and
		potential trouble sources
	28.  More outpoints
	29.  What the public's money buys:  Scientology vs.

C2.  Hubbard's philosophy regarding government institutions


	30.  Moonlighting
	31.  Politics, freedom from
	32.  Organization and morale
	33.  Policies on physical healing, insanity and potential
		trouble sources

II.  The Organization Called Scientology - Introduction


	1.  Documents refuting Hubbard's biography
	2.  Documents refuting Hubbard's biography
	3.  Documents refuting Hubbard's biography
	4.  Documents refuting Hubbard's biography
	5.  The theory of Scientology organizations
	6.   Group sanity
	7.   Special zone plan
	8.  What is Scientology
	9.  Why Doctor of Divinity
	10.  Code of a Scientologist
	11.  Hubbard's scientific deficiencies

A.  Ron DeWolfe's testimony

	12.  Testimony of Ron DeWolfe

B.  Religious status

	13,  Statements from the book, "Scientology - A World
		Religion Emerges in the Space Age"
	14.   "Why a Doctor of Divinity"
	15.  "Scientology is a religion"
	16,  Religious definitions from Scientology publications
	17.  Religion and religious services
	18.  How Scientology became a church

B.  Religious Status Exhibits - Continued

	19.  Church services

C.  List of Scientology corporations

	20.  Corporate status
	21.  The theory of Scientology organization

III.  Courses and Services - Introduction


	1.  An explanation of the OT Level coursework
	2.  Price lists

A.  The Purification Rundown

	3.   Thetaline
	4.	The Purification Rundown
	5.  Purification Rundown and atomic war

B.  Dianetics

	6.   What the public's money buys:   Scientology vs. psychiatry
	7.   Health form, use of
	8.   Performance

C.  The E-meter


	9.  UnjtedStates Court of Appeals - E-meter
	10.  A contract for the sale of confessional aids
	11.  Auditors
	12.  The only valid security check
	13.   Security check policy
	14.  Illegal PCS, acceptance of high crime P/L

C.  The E-meter - Cont'd.

	15.  Eligibility for OT Levels
	16.  A series of documents indicating misuse of confidential
	17.   Info re.: Donna Peeve
	18.   Herbert's confidential information
	19.  Iva and Kathy Hirsch - info - confidential
	20.  Iva and Kathy Hirsch - info - confidential
	21.  Iva and Kathy Hirsch - info - confidential files
	22.  Jan Morris - confidential info
	23.  Interrogation (how to read an E-meter on a silent subject)
	24.  Knowledge reports
	25.  Injustice
	26.  Committee of Evidence - Jim Logan
	27.  Expulsion orders
	28.  Security check questionnaire
	29.  HCO and confessionals
	30.  Contract - sale of confessional aids
	31.  Confessional tech policies
	32.  Confessionals - Ethics reports required
	33.  Confessionals
	34.  Misuse of confidential info
	35.  Misuse of confidential info - Terry Prucher

C.   The E-meter - Cont'd

	36.  Daniel Gotrino
	37,  Misuse of auditing information - Deutsch

IV.  Policies and Practices of the Scientology Organization - Introduction


	1.  Administrative know-how
	2.  Overts and withholds - Michael Meisner
	3.   Ethics and study tech
	4.   Ethics, the design of
	5.   Ethics presence
	6.  Ethics
	7.  Ethics and executives
	8.   Introduction to Scientology Ethics
	9.   Trouble source  (handling)
	10.  Disconnect
	11.  PTS handling
	12.  Policy and HCOB alterations
	13.  Offenses and penalties
	14.  Sources of trouble
	15.  Disconnect
	16.  Suppressive persons, main characteristics
	17.  A declare statement
	18.   Information - data check-off sheet
	19.  Blown student/gone student
	20.  R.P.F. assignment sheet
	21.  R.P.F. cycles
	22.  FO 3434 series checklist
	23.  90 Ethics order
	24.  Penalties for lower conditions
	25.  Fair Game
	26.  Cancellation of Fair Game
	27.  Level "O" checklist
	28.  Attacks on Scientology
	29.  Condition of liability
	30.  Attacks on Scientology II
	31.   Attacks on Scientology III
	32.  Non-Enturbulation Order - Jim Lo~an Cram OFF MSB
	33.  Policies on physical healing, insanity and potential
		trouble sources

V.  The Guardian's Office - Introduction

	Exhibits in the Introduction

	1.   The Guardian
	2.   Department of Government
	3.   Successful and unsuccessful actions
	4.  PR and causation
	5.   Public media
	5a. Guardian's Office
	6.  PR definition
	7.  Codes and coding, correct practice policy
	8.  Counter-espionage
	9.  Guardian's Office
	10.  Intelligence actions, covert intelligence, data collection
	11.  Guardian information letter no. 27
	12.  Guardian information letter no. 30
	13.  Report of Jakob Andersen - training to lie in court

A.  General documents - Guardian's Office

	14.  Drills
	15.  The correct use of codes
	16.  B & E's
	17.  Dead agent
	18.  Red box and red box data
	19.   Introduction
	20.  How to commit burglaries
	21.  Guardian's Office OPS check sheet
	22.  How to commit burglaries II
	23.  Lying
	24.  Information letter 1
	25.  Guardian Office operations
	26.  Follow-up letter to #25
	27.  Forerunner to Operation Bulldozer
	28.  PRO unit - Michael Meisner
	29.  G.O. message - Lyle Sudrow
	30.  Guardian Office programme - formal
	31.  Early warning system B-l, G.O. Order 261175 LRH, power
		target #1
	32.  A clean sweep

B.   Operations in Clearwater

	33.  Operations in Clearwater

C.  Operation Snow White


	34.  The Snow White Program
	35.  Memo from Mary Sue Hubbard
	36.  Handling of emergencies
	37.  Police report, Metropolitan Toronto Police Department -
	38.  Message from G.O. indicating burglaries were Scientology
		operatives working
	39.   Documents indicating burglaries-O.P.P. and O.P.C.A. Offices
	40.  Burglary I.R.S. Office - Barbara Bird
	41.  From the O.P.P. and O.P.C.A. Offices_:concerning the burglaries
		in Washington and Los Angeles.  Court decision
	42.  Emylee Lynne Miller - Dead agent application
	43.  The MM Story
	44.  National agencies targeted for covert operations
	45.  Codes and coding, arrest practice policy
	46.  Time tracks

D.  Instructional guidelines to covert agent (Sec-check questionnaire)


	47.   Instructional guidelines to covert agents (Sec-check

E.  Attacks against news media


	48.  Messages sent concerning operations against news media
	49.  Message concerning undercover operative - June
	50.  Undercover operative in Forbes Magazine
	51.  Undercover operations against news media - Easter Seals
	52.  Undercover operations against news media
	53.  Undercover operations against Orsini
	54.  Undercover operations against The Clearwater Sun
	55.  Undercover operations against The Clearwater Sun and The
		St. Petersburg Times

F.   The Gabe Cazares Operation



	56.  Project Taco-Less
	57.  Gabe Cazares - mistress
	58.  Base operation
	59.  Mayor Cazares
	60.  Commission Meeting - Mayor Cazares
	61.  A daily report
	62.  Florida Public Records Law - Cazares
	63.  Hit and_run incident - washington. D.C.

G.   Project Owl

	64.  "Project Owl"

H.  Operation Freak-Out - Paulette Cooper



	65.  Operation Freak-Out

I.  The Lavinda VanSchaick Production Plan



	66.  The Guardian Office Programme Order. - Lavinda VanSchaick
		Production Plan
	67.  Production Plan - VanSchaick
	68.  VanSchaick - Multi-bureau offensive

J.  Operations against Michael Flynn - Operation Juggernaut



	69.  The Juggernaut Eval
	70.  Press release - 2-million dollar check seam
	71.  Freedom Magazine - 2-million dollar check seam

K.  Files on Important People


	72.  G.O. message - celebrities
	73.  Compliance report - C.C.N.Y.

L.  Tonja Burden Case



	74.  Tonja Burden's Freeloader's Debt
	75.  Non-disclosure and release bond
	76.  Release

VI.  Finances - Introduction

	A.  General Documents



	1.   Make money
	2.   Cost of service
	3.   List of services of the Scientology organization
	4.   Only accounts talk money
	5.   The basic principles of promotion
	6.   Registration
	7.   The organization of a PE Foundation
	8.   The I.Q. tested
	9.   Programme director hat
	10.  Body routing in central organization
	11.  Reception hat
	12.  How to sell Scientology
	13.  Population surveys
	14.  Mailing lists, central files, addresso basic
		definitions and policy
	15.  Learning to use data analysis
	16.  Service
	17,   Income flows and pools, principles of money management
	18.  Finance series 4, income sources
	19.  Gross income
	20.   Ship account policies
	21.  Big league closing drills
	22.   Big league registration series 16R,successful registrar
	23.  The come-on dissemination
	24.  Money
	25.  Mailing list policies
	26.   The gross income of the org and why
	27.  The Guardian Statistic
	28.  Discipline, SPls and admin., how statistics crash
	29.  Blind registration
	30.  Price list
	31.  Dissemination drill
	32.  Call-in, the key to delivery and future income
	33.  Product debug series 1, Esto series 37,debug tech
	34.  Booming an org through training
	35.  Executive Series 7R, targeting of divisional statistics
		and quotes
	36.  Keeping Scientology working - series 4 safeguarding technology
	37.  Cutative prices
	38.  How to sell Scientology to your friends
	39.  Keeping Scientology working

B.   Promissory Notes and Contracts



	40.  Org protection
	41.  Finance Series  3- 1RA, - Handling of bounced checks
		and refunds
	42.  Memorandum of agreement
	43.  Duplicates of contracts, releases and promissory notes
	44.  Affidavit
	45.  Former staff members
	46.  Declaration of religious commitment and application for
		active participation on church staff
	47.  Legal forms
	48.  Religion Legal:  Registration and sign-ups

C.  Refunds and Repayments


	49.  Refund/repayment routing form
	50.  Refund GFO's - Refund repayment claims and handling
	51.  Claims Verification Board
	52.  Cancellation of CVB Claim
	53.  Refunds and repayments
	54.  Refund notices
	55.  1) Illegal PC's and refunds 2) Cancellation of CVB Claims
		3)  Refund notice 4) CVB handling bonuses
	56.  Urgent,important - Refunds and repayments
	57.  Scientology (R) refunds, writ of expulsion and waiver
	58.  Urgent, important, refund/repayment claims II
	59.  Urgent, important, refund/repayment claims III
	60.  CVB Policies
	61.  Urgent, important, refund/repayment claims IV
	62.  FSM (Field Staff Member) Penalty for refunds, repayments
		and bounced checks
	63.  Prepayment discount reinstated

D.  Inurement to Hubbard

	64.  Founder
	65.  Keeping Scientology working, series I
	66.  Effective upon receipt
	67.   Income, Flag
	68.  Martin Greenberg - affidavit
	69.  Operation Goldmine
	70.  What your fees buy
	71.  Barbara Bird - I.R.S. Files

E.   Mission Holder's Meeting


	72.  Mission Holder's Meeting - Minutes
	73.  Documents from Michael Flynn's trash

F.   Articles of incorporation of the Religious Technology Center


	74.  Articles of incorporation - R.T.C.
	75.  International Watchdog Committee

VII.  R.I.C.O.


	A.  R.I.C.O. Statutes


	1.  Flynn's R.I.C.O. report
	2.  F.S.S. Chapter 496.01 - 496.40 - Solicitation of funds
	3.   F.S.S. Chapter 817 - Fraudulent practices, part 1,
		false pretenses and frauds, generally
	4.   F.S.S.  - racketeering and illegal debts
	5.  F.S.S. 787.01 and 787.02, Kidnapping and false
	6.  F.S.S. 775.15, Time limitations
	7.  F.S.S. 777.011 - 777.03 - 777.04 - Principal in
		the first degree, accessory after the fact, and
		attempts, solicitation, conspiracy generally
	8.   United States Code annotated, Title 18, crimes
		and criminal procedure, 1691 to 2310
	9.  United States Code, Chapter 96 - Racketeer
		influenced and corrupt organization

B.  Other Investigations

   1.  The I.R.S. Tax Case


	10.  Respondent's trial memorandum - I.R.S. Tax Case
	11.  Ruling I.R.S. Tax Case

  2.   The Canadian Investigation

	12.  The Canadian Investigation - Information to obtain
		search warrant

  3.   The French Fraud Case

	13.  Documents concerning the French Fraud Case

  4.   The English Report

	14.  The Foster Report

VIII.  Scientology Court Cases and Conduct in Litigation



	1.  Conduct in Litigation
	2.  The United States Tax Court Respondents'
		Memorandum concerning reasonableness and regularity
		of deficiency notice
	3.  The Founding Church of Scientology vs. The United
		States, United States Court of Claims
	4.   Introduction to Scientology Ethics
	5.   Level "O" Checklist
	6.   Scientology Cases

IX.  Cults and Brainwashing



	1.  The five levels of indoctrination
	2.  The second echelon
	3.  Science Digest article -"Information Disease -
		Have Cults Created a New Mental Illness?"
	4.  F.B.I. Bulletin article - "Cults:  A Conflict
		Between Religious Liberty and Involuntary Servitude"
	5.   White collar  cults - Cindy Boyles

X.  Witness Testimony



A.   1.  The testimony of Ron DeWolfe
	2.  The testimony of David Ray
	3.  The testimonyof Casey Kelley
	4.  The testimony of Lori Taverna
	5.  The testimony of Xosie Pace
	6.   The testimony of Paulette Cooper
	7.   The testimony of Ernest Hartwell and Adelle Hartwell
	8.   The testimony of Ed Waiters
	9.  The testimony of Scott Mayer
	10.  The testimony of Gerald Armstrong
	11.  The ¬∑testimony of Jocelyn Armstrong
	12.  The testimony of Laurel Sullivan

B.  Affidavits

	13.  The affidavit of Gerald Armstrong
	14.  The affidavit of Kevin Flynn
	15.  The affidavit of Michael Flynn
	16.  The affidavit of Warren Friske
	17.   The affidavit of Lucy Garritano
	18.   The affidavit of Carol Garrity
	19.  The affidavit of Janie Peterson
	20. ¬∑   The affidavit of Anne Rosenblum
	21.   The affidavit of Ford Martin Schwartz
	22.   The letter of Artie Maren to The Reader's Digest
	23.   The affidavit of Lavinda VanSchaick
	24. ¬∑   The affidavit and declaration of Ed Waiters
	25, The affidavit of Steven Garritano
	26. The affidavit of James Gervais


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