To Jesse about Hubbard at Gilman Hot Springs

Dear Jesse:

You write:

What the above people and myself had in common was we had all worked and communicated directly with L Ron Hubbard at some point in our Scientology sojourn and times of our mutual  experiences varied greatly. Few of us had worked together with L Ron at the same time. I realized what I had that was unique among my peers.  I’d been there with L Ron and for L Ron during the last four years of his life. L Ron did not live in the same place where I lived at Golden Era Production nor was he there all of the time. He was there some of the time and that’s what needed to be talked about. To date no one has written anything about this part of L Ron’s life and this became a valid subject for me to write about.

I last saw Hubbard at Gilman in 1979. I was based in LA from early 1980 through 1981, but came to Gilman a number of times throughout that period, and had never heard of Hubbard being there after 1979.

I have never before heard that in the period from the fall of 1982 when you arrived at Gilman through January 1986 when Hubbard died he had been there some of the time.

I think Marty has said that he never met Hubbard, and it seems odd that you would have been working with Hubbard at Gilman when Marty had not.

So you know, there  are people who have written about that part of Hubbard’s life actually. Steve Pfauth, who was with Hubbard in Creston, comes to mind. He’s never mentioned, that I know of, Hubbard coming back to Gilman during the year you were there.

I agree that the time Hubbard was at Gilman is worth writing about, so I hope you’ll post about your interactions with him at Gilman.

You write in your August 20, 1999 affidavit for the Estate of Lisa McPherson v. Scientology case:

5. In the position of “Deputy Inspector General, External”, I was in charge of supervising all activities in every aspect of Scientology, i.e., supervising senior management structure of the “mother church”, Church of Scientology International, CSI. In the hierarchy of all of Scientology, I was only two steps removed from L. Ron Hubbard.  Mr. Hubbard gave his orders to David Miscavige who in turn gave them to me to supervise, delegate and enforce their execution.

This was the idea I’d gathered from that affidavit and your early similar statements.

I’m looking forward to reading your details about Hubbard at Gilman.