To Russia with Love not in the Stars

Very sadly I have to tell my many friends in many countries that there has been a problem with my visa to Russia and I cannot attend the FECRIS Conference in St. Petersburg.

I was so looking forward to seeing the city, embracing old friends, meeting new people, having a half hour to talk to an assemblage of very intellectually involved and strategically connected people, for the rest of my time there making my knowledge and experiences and my current legal relationship with Scientology available to the Russians in their confrontation with the cult, and to every other country where such confrontations are happening, and to the media and anyone else who cared to listen, and listening to anyone I can who might be talking.

The organizers said someone would read my paper, “Scientology, the Dangerous Environment Racket,” and FECRIS will publish it. In any case, I’ll make sure it’s available. Caroline and I had created a CD to take with me that organized the documents listed in my paper’s bibliography, but I can send it separately.

People who sent me money for the trip, thanks again and bless you. Most of it hasn’t been used and I’ll contact each of you, or you can tell me your wishes. I’m scheduled to fly to Germany, where I don’t need a visa, for another conference at the end of June, and I could put the money toward that trip.

I’m fairly philosophic about missing out on golden opportunities and spend a lot of time advancing the theory that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord, and Lord knows I love Him. Nevertheless I was terribly smacked down and bummed out when I realized I wouldn’t be going to SPb. So much work by so many people.

I hope that the conference is a great success. And I pray for more opportunities to visit Russia with more visas.