Decloaking the Daggers

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The Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard on Aug. 28, 2011.

Scientology minister insignia

The Scientology “Minister Insignia” that surmounts some of the cult’s important buildings,1 and hangs as a pendant around some of its PR ministers’ necks,2 has often been described as a “crossed cross,” “crossed-out cross, or the “double-cross.” This interpretation correctly recognizes L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology’s antichristian teachings, and their occult antecedents. I think, however, there is a better, more accurate view and interpretation of their insignia as “cloaked daggers.”

Several years ago, actually, my wife Caroline had identified the four spear tips, or arrow heads, or dynamic shapes that poke out from behind the cross in Scientology’s insignia as daggers.3

cross-aniIn addition to the four visible daggers, it is easy to see that the cross could hide four more. Hubbard, ever the trickster, even hints at this in his description when introducing his design for his “New Minister Insignia” in 1955:  “The cross is a regular Roman cross with four additional short points between the four long points, a true eight-dynamic Scientology cross.” The ends of the stipes and the patibulum of Hubbard’s “Roman cross” in his insignia, of course, do not come to points. Years later the Scientologists would state that “the horizontal and vertical arms end in the standard heraldic symbols for leaves and flowers,” definitely not points. Hubbard’s four long points are hidden, but with the four short points it is a true eight-dagger Scientology symbol. The cross cloaks even parts of the insignia’s four daggers that are visible, so the insignia is properly called or described as the cloaked daggers.

The Scientologists hide most of their evil intentions, words, actions and natures behind the intentions, words, actions and nature of Jesus Christ, which the Christian Cross signifies. Even before he incorporated his first Church of Scientology, Hubbard ordered implemented what he called the “religion angle” to cloak his money-making cure-all clinic with a spiritual-sounding name and a “religious charter.” The Scientologists cloak everything they do in Scientology with religion. They cloak the hate they generate, the lies they tell and the cruelty they intend, communicate and inflict, with the truth, wisdom and virtue that Christ is and stands for. In courts, the Scientologists’ lawyers cloak and defend their clients’ torts and crimes and persecute their victims with religion. The Scientologists and their collaborators attack the people who stand up to their antisocial and criminal activities as “anti-religious bigots,” or “anti-religious extremists.” The Christian Cross is not an element or idea of Scientology, other than as a cloaking device for the antichristian things being done.

Daggers are common, standard fetishes and symbols in the occult. They are among occultists’ essential weapons, and always destructive. With the dagger a magus destroys. Hubbard affirmed that his “code is to be all things a magus must be.” A blow with a dagger on the occultist’s bell is a signal to battle. In “scripture,” Hubbard ordered his Scientologist troops to fight a war of “total attrition,” and to “treat all skirmishes like wars.” Striking the hand on the dagger declares that one demands the weapon to extend one’s executive power. Hubbard claimed the mantles of the most brilliant executive in history and the “power among powers.” Daggers keep off the enemy, slash a passage through them, and strike terror in them. The analytical faculty – intelligence – is directed against enemies. Daggers divide and separate. Differentiation is the highest, most valuable “ability” on Hubbard’s “Identification Scale.”

These ideas about daggers and their use are all from Aleister Crowley in Magick Liber Aba: Book Four. Crowley also said that the dagger will principally appear in banishings. Hubbard and Scientologists have become universally infamous as banishers with their infantile-sadist “disconnection policy.” Their “upper level technology,” which they fraudulently claim makes “gods” with godlike abilities, is all about banishing, or “blowing off,” beings that are supposedly stuck to Scientologists’ bodies and keeping them overwhelmed.

Hubbard was a covert occultist until the end of his life. He portrayed himself as Lucifer to Scientologists in his own Luciferian movement, and to the whole world in this aeon. He had a thing with daggers. He and John W. Parsons “consecrated” an “Air Dagger” to serve as the “special talisman” in their well-known Babalon Working magic sex experiment in 1946.4  Not long after this, according to Parsons, Hubbard pinned an apparition of a rival occultist to the door with four throwing daggers. Hubbard awarded daggers to Sea Organization members he deemed particularly “upstat” in the SO’s early days. Also in those days when Hubbard ran Sea Org missions, his missionaires would stab a dagger into a wall in the offices of the group or organization to which they were dispatched, to establish “ethics presence” or control.

Covert hostility

COVERT HOSTILITY, around 1.1 on the tone scale we reach the level of covert hostility. Here the hatred of the individual has been socially and individually censured to a point where it has been suppressed, and the individual no longer dares demonstrate hate as such. He yet possesses sufficient energy to express some feeling on the matter, and so what hatred he feels comes forth covertly. All manner of subterfuges may be resorted to. The person may claim to love others and to have the good of others as his foremost interest; yet, at the same moment, he works, unconsciously or otherwise, to injure or destroy the lives and reputations of people and also to destroy property. (SOS, p. 56) — Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

The human “emotional tone” considered most dangerous, most evil, on the “Emotional Tone Scale,” ever since Hubbard published Science of Survival in 1951 is “covert hostility” at 1.1. To be “covert” or “1.1” is a frightful designation or accusation. It now equates with “Suppressive Person.” The 1.1, Hubbard said, would go to unknown lengths “in advertising his virtuous character, while performing knife-in-the-back tricks.” “Here is the level of covert hostility, the most dangerous and wicked level on the tone scale. Here is the person who smiles while he inserts a knife blade between your vertebrae.” In Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary published in the 1980’s, Hubbard has this drawing:

Spy vs. Spy


In addition to representing occultists’ intelligence, their analytical faculties and flair, for cutting down their enemies, daggers are well-known symbols of intelligence of the espionage sort. 5

Daggers are short, sharp-bladed weapons, easily concealed, and always imply an enemy. Just the word “daggers” and idioms like “at daggers” or “look daggers” mean hostility. They cut, stab, draw blood and murder. They symbolize the owners’ cunning, deception, stealth, fabianism and treachery. All of these dark qualities are ideal among the ideal Scientologists. They use the Christian Cross to try to cloak their intelligence existence, nature, structure, goals and actions, all of which constitute a criminal conspiracy.

Scientology can accurately be called a religion or cult of total cloak-and-dagger.6

The Scientologists use the Cross to try to cloak all that cloak-and-dagger. They try to cloak all their other daggers too, what they hold or use against their “enemies” on all their eight dynamics. But the Scientologists’ cloaked daggers, all eight or more of them, have been uncloaked. The Cross as their cloaking device has been moved away. It cannot serve that purpose.


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