J. Swift on Tony Ortega’s blog lying for indies, whoever they are.


[J. Swift:] No one has ever disputed Gerry’s contributions, valor, or accomplishments.

Oh stop lying.

[J. Swift:] I would add that Marty and Monique endured a 199 siege of their home by the SQB’s and Cult PI’s and so nothing has changed from the 1980’s.

Look, it is this simple: Gerry operates through proxies.

You’re lying. But prove it.

[J. Swift:] He asks for support and understanding for what he has done.

Hogwash. I ask for justice, specifically for what Scientologists and their collaborators have done to me. I have been very clear in what I was asking Rathbun for.

1. Communicate to me;

2. Debrief to me and my legal representatives;

3. Execute declarations that contain facts elicited in the debrief;

4. Make himself available to testify in any legal proceedings to correct the injustices or situations he helped make.


And I would ask the same of Rinder, and any Scientologist who is or was involved in the conspiracy against my rights.

[J. Swift:] And yet, Gerry will not give the Indies support and understanding for what they have done.

That’s ridiculous. Of course I understand what they’ve done.

I ask for justice. The Scientologists won’t give justice, but perpetrate injustice. I understand why they do that. I understand why they hate me and revile me. I understand why you hate me and lie about me.

[J. Swift:] He has waged an attack since the Indies appeared and has never acknowledged their significant contributions to exposing David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

You are lying. Prove I waged an attack since the Indies appeared. I guess that would be 1953.

[J. Swift:] Why can’t Gerry make peace with the Indies?

Because their terms are destructive. The Scientologists have to make peace with their victims.

The question is, why don’t the Scientologists make peace with their victims? LF

Cowardice. LFBD F/N This is really Scientology’s VFP.

Look, Scientology is what makes Scientologists right and wogs wrong. The wrongest of wogs are the Scientologists’ victims. Otherwise, why would the Scientologists victimize them? To make peace with their victims, the Scientologists would have to at least grant credence to their victims, and that would require seeing them as right. And that would mean that the way the Scientologists had seen them – as wrong — in order to victimize them was wrong. And that would mean that Scientology didn’t work; it didn’t make them right.

That’s something to get over. But I don’t think Scientologists will get over it either by continuing to be right when they’re wrong, or by having me, or even everyone else in the world, tell them they’re right just to “make peace.”