Recorded tentative ruling, Marin Superior Court

Scientology v. Armstrong Case No. CIV021632
20 September 2007

Church of Scientology International vs. Armstrong
Law and Motion Matter set for September 21st 2007 at 9:00 a.m.
Marin County Superior Court Department L
Honorable Lynn Duryee presiding

Motion to reinstate sentences for contempt and motion for issuance of warrant for Defendant’s arrest.

To the extent Plaintiff is requesting this court to issue an order consistent with the directions in the First District Court of Appeal decision in this matter filed October 19th 2005 A107095 remittitur issued January 18th, 2006; that is, to reinstate the sentences previously imposed on Armstrong for the contempt citations of June 5th 1997 and February 20th 1998 and reinstate the fine on the third contempt citation and to issue a new bench warrant for Defendant Armstrong’s arrest, the motion is granted.

Source: Recorded tentative ruling, Marin Superior Court